Master in Literacy Studies

Is the book an endangered species? Are text messages destroying the English language? What were medieval books like? How do children learn to read and write? Who was Shakespeare and does it matter? What does reading do to our minds?
Literacy Studies, master - books in the Library

Literacy Studies is defined as the study of reading, writing and the written text in a social and cultural context. This master’s programme focuses on literacy studies in an English-speaking context, and includes literary, linguistic and educational approaches.

The programme provides high-quality instruction in an intimate but dynamic research environment with many international links.

The Master of Literacy Studies is a full-time study over two years, but after admission, you can apply for a transition to a part-time study over four years. The part-time study is identical to the full-time study. Teaching will go simultaneously for full-time and part-time students.

Kilde: CP Published 03.12.2019