Master of Science in Marine and Offshore Technology

Oceans cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface. However, those are still much unexplored. About 97% of the earth’s water is contained in oceans and seas all connected forming an enormous mass of water. Complex marine engineering becomes crucial when obtaining and discovering all the resources that the oceans can bring as for solving the different issues that can occur during this process.

Close up of an offshore drill installation in the North Sea. Illustration to MSc in Marine and Offshore Technology at UiS
  • Juliet Ngbeken

    Juliet Ngbeken, Nigeria

    I decided to opt for a master's degree in offshore technology at the University of Stavanger (UiS), primarily because the study programme appeared interesting and I was pre-informed by a former student that the department works in close collaboration with the industry.

    My experience at UiS over the last year has been wonderful. Stavanger offered me a lot of opportunities to develop myself both academically and personally. UiS has an aura of multiculturalism that creates a perfect opportunity to meet people from different cultural backgrounds from all around the world.

    UiS has a collection of excellent academic and non-academic staff, who are widely experienced in their various fields; highly motivated and dedicated to helping the students and making them succeed in all spheres of life. It has a strict policy of accepting students with strong academic backgrounds from around the world and thus providing a favourable environment for mutual development. Many student societies are very active and resourceful, such that through one of them, I got a chance to do a technical internship at the University of Brno in Czech Republic.

    Stavanger is a very picturesque city and always succeeds in making me fall more in love with it every day. The city is well connected by public transport and offers a lot of activities all-round the year.

    I regard UiS as an adventurous place for discovering and honing one's skills, knowledge and interests. Also, UiS regularly organizes programs outside the academic sphere which provide a perfect balance between academic and social life.

    I can say that my stay in Stavanger has given me a greater opportunity to refine myself as an engineer and as a person and has also helped me to see the world in a different perspective. The knowledge that I have obtained here is imbedded in me will go a long way in making me a better person.

  • Jino Peechanatt

    Jino Peechanatt, India

    I chose the University of Stavanger (UiS) mainly because it is well known for quality Master programmes in the field of offshore technology. My friends had already done the same course and recommended it strongly for my career advancement. Moreover, Stavanger is an oil and gas innovation hub with many of the world's major oil and gas companies having offices here. So, Stavanger was a natural choice for me.

    UiS is truly a university of international stature with students from different nationalities. Quality of teaching at UiS is top notch with many world class faculty members in the offshore technology department. In addition, there are frequent visits from industry professionals who share their experiences and perspectives. The course curriculum is designed while keeping the requirements of the oil and gas industry in mind. There is an equal emphasis on the theoretical and practical aspect of studies to make the education more relevant and interesting. The proper split of workload for students in terms of classroom sessions and assignments helps to maintain a fine balance between studies and social life. Sophisticated computer labs with industrial softwares and 24/7 access to library are added advantages. The university also has a well-established foundation for PhD studies supporting your quest for achieving excellence in the field of education and research. Besides, with a range of social and sports activities happening throughout the year, you will not miss your dose of action and adventure.

    I can confidently say that the courses are very relevant and practical in the oil and gas field. There is a huge demand of skilled professionals in the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide and with relevant study background, the students can see their employability chance increase multifold.