Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics and Physics form the basis for all technical and scientific research. These two subjects are an indispensable prerequisite for technological developments in modern society. The University of Stavanger offers a Master's programme primarily focusing on mathematical and physical modelling.
Mathematics and Physics master 2 years

The Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics is based on a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and/or physics, or other degrees with corresponding documented in-depth content of mathematics and physics courses. The principal aim of the program is to teach students advanced mathematical and physical modelling.

This 2-year program consists of course part and research part. The course part is structured in a common core of mathematics, physics and statistics courses, totalling 30 credit points. This secures a common basic foundation in mathematical, physical and statistical modelling. Additionally, specialized courses comprising 30 credit points are offered in each of these three fields. The research part with 60 credit points results in a master thesis. The student is conducting original scientific research under supervision. The student shall acquire knowledge in how to report and present scientific results.

The course descriptions on the website give details about:

  • Curriculum and course literature
  • Methods of work and teaching
  • Methods of evaluation

Information regarding advanced courses

The advanced courses chosen in the second term (spring term) is the basis for further work on the master thesis. All courses may not be taught each year. If there are only a few students in a course, it may be taught as a supervised self-study course.

Other advanced courses than those listed may be approved on application.

Student exchange

During the study period there are possibilities for international student exchanges at one of our partner universities in Scandinavia and Europe.

Kilde: CP Published 12.12.2018