Student testimonials

Students are describing their experiences at the University of Stavanger.

  • Ejike Obinna Okoye

    Ejike Obinna Okoye, Nigeria

    Two years ago, I made a decision to move to Stavanger to continue my studies. One of the major reasons I chose the University of Stavanger (UiS) was because of its huge role and influence in the oil and gas industry. A young and aspiring science student, like me, would dream of living in such a city because there are many opportunities for young scientists.

    UiS is a fast growing university in the Nordic region and the quality of teaching and use of modern techniques is outstanding. Students have access to online classes and a wide library network, lots of international collaboration with universities and companies alike. The academic structure also shows an interest in introducing graduate students to its doctoral programs. Various departments organize weekly seminars, which is really amazing.

    My positive experience was my involvement in the International Students’ Union at the university. It enabled me to build an interesting network amongst Norwegians and foreigners. I had to be more involved and understand better the Norwegian culture and I also got involved in the integration process for international students studying at UiS. I think that UiS has an amazing social atmosphere. International students have the opportunity to join several social or humanitarian student organizations to develop themselves and learn more about Norway and its culture. 

    In general, I will advise and encourage students to use the resources around them to strengthen their academic and social path. It is not enough for one to study all day but also to develop yourself socially. Get involved in programs and events that you find exciting, and remember that learning is a gradual process of one’s life.

  • Matteo Busi

    Matteo Busi, Italy

    I chose the Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Stavanger (UiS) for many reasons. First of all, it would give me a chance to study at a university in close contact with the working world. I was also interested in experiencing the Scandinavian culture on my skin in a country with many beautiful environmental phenomena and landscapes.

    The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UiS is quite young and that brings its pros and cons. The programme is quite general in the first semester giving the chance to bring everyone to the same level of necessary knowledge. Then, from the second semester it starts to specialize your direction. The thing I liked the most is the full year master thesis, which gives a good experience of the researcher career, and many interesting projects are proposed, especially in X-Ray, Petroleum Physics, and Cosmology.

    I find UiS as a strongly internationalized university with a lot of social activities offered for both international and Norwegian students satisfying any kind of interests (for example sport, poker and chess tournaments, hiking and ski tours etc.).

  • Wai Shing Hung

    Wai Shing Hung, Hong Kong

    Learning at UiS is quite different from that in Hong Kong. At UiS, I have much fewer lectures, so I have more time to review after lectures and learn something more. I have enough time to manage most of the learning material without much stress.

    UiS also provides me a chance to learn something more than mathematics and physics. In the final year I have learnt some basic theory of petroleum physics and geoscience. These courses are quite understandable even though I have no background on these fields. I enjoy learning these new things.

    Life in Norway is so cozy; I love the beautiful nature of Norway. You can have a good day by simply walking nearby the university and enjoy the beautiful nature here. This is one of the reasons why I really enjoy my time studying here.

    UIS is definitely a place where you can learn and start something new!