Teaching and research at the University of Stavanger

This page presents relevant teaching and research at the University of Stavanger

  • Jone Bjørnestad

    Jone Bjørnestad

    Jone Bjørnestad is an associate professor in psychology. His background is both from clinical psychology and psychiatry and longitudinal clinical research. His current line of research mainly follows three paths; 1) long-term recovery in psychosis and 2) substance use and 3) public health. Bjørnestad have done qualitative, quantitative, meta-synthesis and systematic reviews on these topics and is currently involved in several projects on these issues. He is also involved in projects on innovative technology design solutions and large-scale social interventions. His main lecturing experience is on recovery from severe mental illness, competitive body building and qualitative methods.

  • Tore Tjora

    Tore Tjora is an associate professor in psychology, with a background from both clinical psychology and epidemiology. His expertise is on adolescents' tobacco use and its relation to key predictors as socioeconomic status and mental health. Tjora has mainly used quantitative methods, and have used both simple and advances statistical methods. Tjora is currently involved in several research projects, both as principal investigators, statistician and supervisor.

  • Vishantie Sewpaul

    Vishanthie Sewpaul

    Vishanthie Sewpaul (PhD) was a Professor in the College of Education, Zayed University, and a Senior Professor at the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (UKZN), where she remains an Emeritus Professor. She occupies a Professor II position at University of Stavanger.  She has extensive teaching and research supervision experience; is widely published; and has delivered numerous special lectures, and keynote and plenary addresses in many countries.Social work research, practice and teaching with a focus on ethics, social justice, human rights and emancipatory education remain her passion.

  • Sarah Hean

    Sarah Hean

    Sarah Hean is an EU funded individual senior Marie Curie-Sklodowska Fellow at the University of Stavanger, Norway and Associate Professor at Bournemouth University, UK. She has expertise in interprofessional education, collaborative practice and integrated care. A special focus is on what enhances the quality of life of people with mental illness in contact with the criminal justice system. Her research collaborations span Europe, North and South America.

  • Anders Vassenden

    Anders Vassenden

    Anders Vassenden is Professor in Sociology at the University of Stavanger. His research is within migration and ethnic relations, sociology of culture, and housing studies. He has published extensively within these fields, in journals such as Ethnic and Racial studies, Nations and Nationalism, Symbolic Interaction and Housing Studies. Among his current research is a study of migrants’ civil associations and how they engage in questions of welfare.

  • Svein Erik Tuastad

    Svein Erik Tuastad

    Svein Tuastad is an associated professor in political science at the University of Stavanger. His research is on welfare policies, school policies as well as Norwegian and Scandinavian politics. Among his current research is a study of constitutional understanding and democratic competence.

  • Memory Jane Tembo

    Memory Jane Tembo

    Memory Jayne Tembo is a research fellow at the University of Stavanger. Her current research concerns immigrant experiences with the child welfare services in Norway. Earlier research and publications focus on social work with families in Malawi. She has taught ethics courses at the University of Nordland as well as the collaborated ethics seminar at the University of Stavanger.

  • Ingunn Studsrød

    Ingunn Studsrød

    Ingunn Studsrød is a professor of Social work. Her research concerns school adjustment, child welfare work, abuse and redress processes. Recently her research also concerns social work with families. She has published articles in national and international journals. Her profile on educational experiences includes social pedagogy; which has a special focus on promoting welfare and citizenship in vulnerable children and youth.


  • Ingvild F. Hellstrand

    Ingvild F. Hellstrand

    Ingvil Hellstrand is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Network for Gender Research at the University of Stavanger, Norway. She has extensive teaching experience in the fields of feminist theory, gender studies and visual culture. Her research interests are gender, biopolitics, bodies, bioethics, posthuman bodies, postcoloniality and feminist theory. She has published works on gender and popular culture, postconventional ethics and questions of normativity.

  • Karen Healy

    Karen Healy

    Karen Healy is a guest professor at the University of Stavanger and a Professor of Social Work at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.  Her research focuses on promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable children, young people and families. She has written several books and numerous articles on social work practice including "Social Work Theories in Context: Creating Frameworks for Practice" which has been translated into several languages.  Professor Healy currently serves as the National President of the Australian Association of Social Workers and is a National Director of The Benevolent Society which is Australia's oldest not-for-profit organisation.

  • Ingunn T. Ellingsen

    Ingunn T. Ellingsen

    Ingunn T Ellingsen is an associate professor in Social Work and a post.doc at the University of Stavanger. Her expertise is in child welfare research, and concerns particularly foster care and family research. She has been involved in several research projects with different methodological approaches: qualitative, quantitative and Q methodology. She is currently involved in an international research project on family complexity in Social work.

  • Siv Oltedal

    Siv Oltedal

    Siv Oltedal is a professor of Social Work. Her research concerns social work with families in different contexts, social work processes, gender and studies of the relationship between professionals and users at Norwegian Welfare Services. She has published textbooks on social work theories and institutional communication. Her profile on international research and educational collaboration includes Cuba, Chile, Malawi, South Africa, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia and the Nordic countries.