Scholarships, tuition and fees at the University of Stavanger, Umeå University and Aalborg University.

The top 15 applicants are awarded the Noswel sholarship and all students are eligible to apply for an Erasmus scholarship.

The singing trees in Aalborg The singing trees in the Aalborg Park of Music. Photo: Visit Aalborg

Noswel Scholarship
The top 15 applicants are awarded a Noswel scholarship of 2600 EURO. The scholarship is distributed in Semester 1 (1300 EURO) and in Semester 4 (1300 EURO).

Erasmus Scholarship
All students are eligible to apply for an Erasmus scholarship during Semester 3. The Erasmus Scholarship is currently 460 EURO per month and may be awarded for a maximum period of 12 months.

Umeå University is now required by law to charge tuition fees from students from outside the EU/EEA.
University of Stavanger offers courses with the same learning outcome as at Umeå University, but without tuition fee. lf you choose to spend the first and second semester at University of Stavanger, the third semester at Aalborg University, and the fourth in either Stavanger or Aalborg, no tuition fee will be charged.
lf you choose to go to Umeå for  the second and/or fourth semester, students from outside the EU/EEA must pay a tuition fee of SEK 45 000 per semester.

Semester Fees
You pay a fee of NOK 740,- every semester to the University of Stavanger.
Umeå University and Aalborg University do not require you to pay a semester fee.