Career opportunities

This master programme allows you to explore new opportunities both academically and professionally.

Future employment

The programme includes field visits and field studies that introduce you to potential future employers in Scandinavia.

Each university has a career center that assists you with applying for part-time jobs, summer jobs and internships during your studies. Furthermore, the career centers help you prepare for job interviews and assist you with job applications upon graduation.

Through in-depth knowledge and understanding of the comprehensive Nordic social welfare model, you will enhance the international and comparative discourses on social work practices within different welfare regimes. Potential future employers include social welfare agencies, non-profit organisations and private firms. You will be prepared to assume roles of supervisors and leaders in the global arena of social work and welfare.

Further studies

Both universities offer a PhD programme in Social Work. Through introduction to the respective programmes, you explore opportunities to further your career in research.

  • UiS offers a PhD in Social Work within the Faculty of Social Sciences. The faculty currently has 23 Social Work PhD students.
  • AAU Department of Sociology and Social Work has enrolled 20 PhD students over the last three years.