Master of Science in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering - learning outcomes

A candidate with a Master degree in Petroleum Geoscience Engineering at UiS will have the following overall learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:
K1: The candidate will have advanced knowledge within the field of petroleum geosciences and specialized insight into a particular area of geosciences.
K2: The candidate will have in-depth knowledge of scientific theories and methods connected to the subject area.

K3: The candidate will be able to apply knowledge to new areas within the subject area, and analyze professional issues based on the history, tradition, distinct nature and societal importance of the subject area. The candidate can use this fundamental knowledge to develop, manage and implement geoscience technology within the petroleum sector.
S1: The candidate will be able to analyse existing theories, methods and interpretations within petroleum geosciences, and work independently to solve practical and theoretical problems.
S2: The candidate will be able to solve petroleum geoscience problems by integrating different types of data used in the petroleum industry, including surface and subsurface data.
S3: The candidate will be able to independently carry out specialised research or development projects within petroleum geosciences under supervision and in line with current ethical norms of research.
S4: The candidate will be able to evaluate and solve problems on hydrocarbon exploration and production, from a regional to reservoir scale, by interpreting and integrating geological, geophysical and engineering data.
S5: The candidate will be able to optimise hydrocarbon exploration and production by using state-of-the-art technology and decision making.
General knowledge
G1: The candidate will be able to analyze relevant professional, research and ethical issues related to hydrocarbon exploration and production.
G2: The candidate will be able to apply her/his own knowledge and skills to new exploration areas, in order to carry out advanced assignments and projects.
G3: The candidate will be able to communicate information relating to her/his work to other petroleum geoscientists and engineers. The candidate will have an excellent command of the terminology related to the subject area.
G4: The candidate will be able to communicate with the general public, petroleum geoscience issues, analyses and conclusions, thus contributing society with new ideas.

Kilde: FS

Last updated: 15.08.2020