Master of Science in Applied Data Science

Applied Data Science is a two-year Master's programme that aims to increase the ICT competence of engineers from different fields.
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Applied Data Science students will learn to extract relevant information from a compilation of large datasets from different sources. The ability to create, manage and exploit data has become one of the most important challenges for practitioners in most disciplines, sectors, and industries.

Students with expertise in Applied Data Science will be highly sought after in the future labor market, where they will contribute to the development of smart solutions and digitization.

The new study comes in the wake of Big Data and the need to find useful information in them. Analysis, understanding, and use of these data require interdisciplinary skills and knowledge. Applied Data Science creates opportunities for students from different engineering backgrounds who want to focus more on digitization and data analysis.

For students with a bachelor's degree in computer science or similar, we recommend the master's program in Computer Science, specialisation Data Science.

Applied Data Science is crucial for creating smart solutions, such as the development of smart cities, smart energy, smart healthcare. Applied Data Science specialises in information retrieval, data recovery and further in-depth study of statistics.

The Master's programme has a practical profile, where after specialisation in statistics and computer science you use algorithms on real data sets.

UiS has a strong research focus on analysis of large datasets, Cloud solutions, and machine learning.

University of Stavanger offers and encourages the student to take a preparatory summer course in programming and system administration. The first part is web-based and taken in June/July and the second part is 5 days on-campus in the first half of August. More information about the summer course: Preparatory course offer

UiS is offering break rooms, reading rooms and computer rooms especially reserved for the master students. There is also a student organization for these students, ISI, which is arranging both academic and social gatherings. 

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