Master of Science in City and Regional Planning

Are you interested in how cities can becomes more sustainable, efficient, safe and livable? There is an increasing need for urban planners who understand sustainable urban development and design. The 2-year master program in City and Regional Planning qualifies you to understand and shape the cities of the future.

Cities and urban areas are growing fast. Urban planners with technical insight and design understanding are therefore needed to ensure sustainable urban development of livable and smart cities. The cities of the future must be resource and energy efficient, and have smart solutions for buildings, transport and infrastructure.

Would you like to design the buildings, public spaces and neighbourhoods of the future? To ensure good collaboration between private and public stakeholders, urban planners with technical insight, creative sensitivity and an understanding og society are needed. The master program in City and Regional Planning focuses on place making, site-specific understanding, spatial analysis, conceptual development and design, as well as planning processes, shaping robust urban infrastructure and communities, along with renewable energy solutions.

The target group for this study programme are students with a background in planning, civil engineering or architecture who are interested in combining design with technical and social issues. Experience with urban/spatial planning and related drawing software is highly recommended.

Students in City and Regional Planning have dedicated studio space in Ivar Langens hus, that includes a workshop and work stations for group work.

This master program will qualify you as urban planner or consultant within city and regional planning, transport planning, or place making.

Kilde: CP Published 04.12.2019