Computational Engineering - student exchange

Applicants admitted to the program are recommended to go for student exchange abroad as part of

their studies, during the second or third semester. UiS regards this exchange as a highly positive

component of the program.

When studying abroad, the student must select courses that provide the equivalent specialisation in

the subject area, and these courses must be approved before traveling. It is important that the courses

taken abroad do not overlap with program courses already completed or planned to take later in the

program. We recommend that students take into account their specialisation and field of interest.



The Faculty of Science and Technology is a member of a Nordic network of technical universities.

Check your possibilities for exchange in the Nordic region:

It is also possible to study abroad at other educational institutions. Students who want to study abroad

must contact the department to arrange their educational path.

Students should start planning their study abroad in good time. The application deadline for exchange

abroad is February 1st for the fall semester.


For more information about exchange.

For your study program, you can go on exchange to the following institutions:

Exchange opportunities: