Computer Science – part-time

This study programme has two specialisations: Reliable and Secure Systems, and Data Science. Master of Science in Computer Science is a international study programme and all courses are given in English.
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The programme is offered as a 2-year full-time study and as a part-time study over 4 years.

This part-time study can be taken in combination with work or other activities for those who live in the region and can follow the educational plan provided. Courses are taken together with full-time students who complete the degree in two years, but as a part-time student you will have fewer courses per semester, distributed over four years. The part-time study takes place during the day and most of the courses are based on laboratory work and project work in groups with compulsory attendance. Lectures are usually not streamed, but books and other materials cover the syllabus. You will usually need 1-2 days per week (depending on the semester) to follow mandatory activities.

The MSc in Computer Science gives a broad foundation within the field of computer science. After completing this programme the door is open to some of the most challenging and interesting jobs in the field. 

The specialisation in Reliable and Secure Systems provides a basis for work in the development and planning of commercial computer systems for different purposes.

The specialisation Data Science provides a basis for work in data analysis and development of data processing systems for the whole data lifecycle.

The Computer Science programme offers courses built on top of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

The program utilizes lectures and activities such as individual projects, group projects, laboratory exercises with written reports, and company and industrial plant visits as learning methods. There is a high degree of individual advisory in the program, in particular in the work with the master’s thesis at the end.

The programme is organized under the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

University of Stavanger offers and encourages the student to take a preparatory summer course in programing and system administration. The course is being taught early in August and before the official semester starts. More information about the summer course: Preparatory course offer.

UiS is offering break rooms, reading rooms and computer rooms especially reserved for the master students. There is also a student organization for these students, ISI, which is arranging both academic and social gatherings.

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