Documentation requirements

Having checked your eligibility, you now have to apply and upload the required documentation within the deadline.

In this section you will find more information about:

Important information before you apply

  • Only upload official documentation.
  • Only submit what is required. Other documentation will not be taken into consideration and only delays the admission process.
  • There must only be one file uploaded for each type of document. For example, transcript of records; all pages have to be uploaded together as one PDF file.
  • Scanned documents must be clear and legible. Revers pages with official signatures and stamps must also be uploaded. Photos, bad quality copies and unreadable documents will not be considered. 
  • It is an applicant's responsibility to upload all necessary documents within the deadline. The university does not ask for missing documents. 
  • You can see the documents you have uploaded in ‘My Documents’ in the application portal Søknadsweb. If you have applied previously, you do not need to upload the same documents again.

Country specific requirements

  • Applicants who have completed university education in Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine or USA have additional documentation requirement. Please check the information under "Country specific requirements" for more information.

Documentation requirements

Please name the documentation as follows before uploading the files:  

Document type File name How to submit
1. CV CV Updated document must be uploaded as one PDF file.
2. Transcript of records TOR-BC (Bachelor's)
TOR-MA (Master's)
Upload the transcript of records from all your higher education. If the documentation is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in the same PDF file. 
3. Diploma(s) DIP-BC (Bachelor's) 
DIP-MA (Master's)
Upload the final diploma from your higher education. If the document is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in the same PDF file.
4. English language requirements ENG Check the English language requirements for your preferred programme. Upload the official score report as PDF file.
5. Final diploma from higher secondary education SEC-country
(Ex: SEC-Nigeria)
Upload final diploma from your higher secondary school. This document does not need to be translated. 
6. Passport copy/ Documentation of change of name (If applicable) PASS Upload only the page with photograph and name of your passport. The passport must be valid at the time of applying.

In case you have changed your name, please provide documentation of this in the same PDF file. If the document is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in the same PDF file. 
7. Documentation of Financing (only for non EU/EEA applicants) FIN Non-EU/EEA applicants must document an access to at least NOK 123 519 for the first academic year (this amount is subject to change). If you are admitted, the required amount must immediately be transferred to the university deposit account in connection with your study permit application.

The documentation of financing can be documented with a recent official bank statement in your own name, a letter confirming that you are eligible for a scholarship/student loan from your home country, OR a sponsor guarantee letter and sponsor's recent official bank statement.

Late submission of documents

If you have not yet graduated,
you must submit the following document signed by your university together with an interim transcript which includes all the courses you have taken until the day of applying.

Form (will be available on our new website in November)

Please note that the University of Stavanger prioritizes the candidates who have submitted all necessary documents within 1 March. You will be considered for admission if there are still available study places at the time when you deliver your final diploma and transcript.

If you have not yet taken English tests,
If you are not able to submit your test results within 10 January, you need to upload the receipt of your test registration within 10 January. This requires that you submit all other required documentation within the deadline. As soon as you receive the test results you need to send it to

Last day to submit the test result: 1 March 

Important Notes

Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal, and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

By applying to the University of Stavanger you agree to allow the University of Stavanger to verify the authenticity of your documentation. The University of Stavanger maintains the right to contact governments, agencies, institutions and associations in order to verify your documentation.