Admission calendar

Applying to university can be both exciting and stressful with many details to think about. Below you will find information about the admission process at the University of Stavanger.

1st of November 2018
The application form is published on the website.

15th of January 2018 
Application deadline (Only for scholarship seekers). Self-financed students will be able to apply until the 1st of June.

April 2018
Qualified applications will be processed by the admission committee.

May 2018 (Only for scholarship seekers)
The admission process will be completed in May or earlier. The application outcome will be sent out via e-mail only.If you are granted admission, you should immediately contact the Portuguese embassy in your home country regarding the study permit (visa).

1st June 2018
Application deadline for self-financed students.

July 2018 (Only for self-financed students)
The admission process will be completed in July or earlier. The application outcome will be sent out via e-mail only. Self- financed students received the Acceptance Letters after the confirmation of payment of the participation costs for the first year of studies.

1st week of September 2018:
New admitted students are expected to arrive in Portugal between the 31st of August and the 2nd of September.