Documentation requirements

Having checked your eligibility, you now have to apply and upload the required documentation within deadline.

In this section you will find more information about:

Important information before you apply:

  • There must only be one file uploaded for each type of document. For example, transcript of records; all pages have to be uploaded together as one file.
  • Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal, and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • A check of the authenticity of your documents will be done after your arrival to the University of Stavanger.
  • By applying to the University of Stavanger you agree to allow the University of Stavanger to verify the authenticity of your documentation. The University of Stavanger maintains the right to contact governments, agencies, institutions and associations in order to verify your documentation.
  • If you have documents stored in "My documents" in the application portal Søknadsweb from previous applications, you do not have to upload the same documents again. Please be aware that you are still required to use the correct naming system, see below in the documentation checklist
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to follow the documentation requirements. Documentation that not fulfills the documentation requirements will not be considered. 

How to upload a successful application:

  • Only upload official documentation.
  • Documents consisting of several pages must be scanned into one PDF file.
  • If the documentation is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. Upload the original and the officially translated version in one PDF file.
  • We accept only PDF files. Compressed files will not be accepted (ex. RAR, ZIP) as we can not open those.
  • Only submit what is required. Other documentation will not be taken into consideration and only delays the admission process.
  • Use the names as described in the document requirements
  • Scanned documents must be clear and legible. Revers pages with official signatures and stamps must also be uploaded. The text must appear "right -side up". Photos, bad quality copies and unreadable documents will not be considered. 
  • You can see the documents you have uploaded in ‘My Documents’ in the application portal Søknadsweb.
  • When we process your application, we lock your documents from being deleted.

Documentation Naming system

Please name the documentation as follows before uploading the files:

Document type File name
Transcript of records

TOR-BC (Bachelor's)  TOR-MA (Master's), if applicable


DIP-BC (Bachelor's)  DIP-MA (Master's),
if applicable

English language requirements ENG
Final diploma from higher secondary education

Ex: SEC-Nigeria

Copy of passport and documentation of change of name (if applicable) PASS
Motivation letter MOT
Proof of current residence RES
Two recommendation letters/references REC
Documentation of research experience (if applicable) EXP

Documentation Checklist:

1. CV:

Updated document must be uploaded as one PDF file.

2. Transcript of records:

Upload the transcript of records from all your higher education. If the documentation is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in the same PDF file.

3. Bachelor's diploma(s):

Upload the final diploma from your higher education. If the document is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in the same PDF file. 

4. English language requirements: 

Upload the document as PDF. 

5. Final diploma from higher secondary school:

Only for Non-EU citizens. Upload final diploma from your higher secondary school in one PDF file. This document does not need to be translated. 

6. Copy of passport /Documentation of change of name (If applicable):

Upload a scanned copy of your passport, only the page with photograph and name. The passport must be valid by the time of applying. In case you have changed your name, please provide documentation of this in the same PDF file.                     

7. Motivation letter:

Maximum 600 words. 

8. Proof of current residence:

Document your current address by uploading a residence certificate from e.g. your place of work, study place or training place. 

9. Two recommendation Letters/ references:

Upload two reference letters in the same PDF file. Description of period and duties are mandatory as well as contact information of the referee. 

10. Documentation regarding your research experience (if applicable):

If the document is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. A copy in the original language must also be provided.

Additional documentation requirements 

Applicants who have completed their University education in China, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria or Pakistan must fulfil the additional documentation requirements:

Courier address:
University of Stavanger
International Office
Rennebergstien 30
N-4021 Stavanger

Postal address:
University of Stavanger
International Office
P.O. Box 8600 FORUS
N-4036 Stavanger

  • Iran: Scanned diploma and transcripts have to be officially translated by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you do not have a final degree diploma, your provisional/temporary certificates may be considered if you write and deliver an explanation.
  • Nepal: Scanned final degree certificate and transcripts must be officially certified by the awarding institution. Provisional certificates, character certificates or other certificates are not accepted.
  • Nigeria: Scanned diploma and transcripts must be officially certified by the awarding institution. If you have not yet received a final Bachelor's diploma, you must upload a Success Certificate/Attestation of Results (not older than three years). The transcripts must show when the degree was conferred.
  • Pakistan: Scanned diploma and all pages of transcript of records must be certified by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Privacy Statement

The Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) updated its'provisions for the processing of personal data' in the context of the 'Erasmus Mundus Programme' and 'Erasmus+ Programme'. Please find the full Privacy Statement document under the following link:

Candidates/Applicants should be informed that if they are selected (proposed for a scholarship/fellowship, put on the reserve list or enrolled on a self-paying basis) their data may be used for the purposes of evaluating the programmes, efficiently manage the projects, and producing statistics. Data could be made available to the EACEA, the European Commission, the European External Action Service staff, as well as to other stakeholders of the Erasmus+ programme, such as Erasmus+ National Agencies, National Erasmus+ Offices and the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association.