Nordic Master Programme in Social Work and Welfare

The University of Stavanger in Norway Aalborg University in Denmark combine their academic strengths to provide a state-of-the-art education, taught in English, within a Nordic equality and diversity context.

Campus Umeå University The Northern lights at the Umeå University campus. In front, the Norra skenet sculpture.

Informasjon på norsk.

In a globalized world, with growing social diversity and increasing international migration, social workers face new challenges and demands. This unique, joint degree programme explores new approaches and methods that generate innovation, new knowledge and improved skills for the practice fields. You learn about Nordic Welfare Models, welfare transition, innovation and user participation in an international classroom and develop new perspectives and understandings of the field of social work in a global perspective.

Throughout the master programme, you engange in the following:

  • Monitoring innovation processes and comparing innovation in welfare services
  • Identifying new ways to develop policies that promote equality and diversity
  • Exploring power issues from both theoretical and experiences based perspectives
  • Identifying empowerment strategies for increased user participation in welfare services
  • Comparing social work in different contexts and countries and adapting best practices
  • Developing new research approaches that focus on close collaboration between research, social work practice and service users – the practice research approach

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