Faculty of Performing Arts

Welcome to auditions 4th to 8th of Mars!
The Faculty of Performing Arts has a history dating back to 1945. For over 50 years the School has been synonymous with high standards in education and its graduates are known for their professionalism.

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Welcome to auditions 4th to 8th of Mars

Info meeting at 9 a.m. in LKS every morning. Please find time for your audition in the schedule. After your audition, you will receive an e-mail from TimeEdit with time for an interview, if you are qualified.
Go to TimeEdit to find your schedule

Bjergsted Park

Located in the beautiful green surroundings of Bjergsted Park close to the centre of Stavanger, the Faculty of Performing Arts is neighbour to and partner in the city’s cultural life with other park ‘residents’ which include Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger Concert Hall, Stavanger Music and Culture School, as well as the Stavanger Concert Society, the Rogaland Music Council and the Norwegian Sound Institute.

The faculty has over 220 students pursuing a range of courses in the fields of classical music, jazz, dance, music education, dance education, and music production and recording. With a core faculty of about 30, plus 40 part-time instructors, the School provides versatile and professional music and performing arts environment within a collegiate atmosphere where close contact between students and teachers is maintained.