Application and Admission

All international applicants to Faculty of Performing Arts, University of Stavanger need to register an Online Application and upload all required application documents directly in the application web.

An international applicant means applicants without a Norwegian ID number or applicants from outside the Nordic countries.

Vigdel beach Students at one of the many beautiful beaches outside Stavanger - Photo: Morten Berentsen

The application deadline for international applicants to all studies at the Faculty of Performing Arts is: January 1st 2020


The Application Web is open between November 1st - January 1st.

NB! Only COMPLETE applications will be taken into consideration.
All required documents must be uploaded in the application web as PDFs, also sheet music for the accompanists. The electronic application form must also be submitted within the deadline for uploading.

Deadline for uploading required documents and submitting a additional application form (link will be provided after submitting the application) is:
January 1st - 2020

You fill find the admission requirements, which documents for uploading etc. in the article called Admission Requirements.

If you do not receive an automatic e-mail confirmation from the application web your application is not registered. If this e-mail does not reach you within 24 hours, it means that you probably have made a mistake with your e-mail address or with your registration to the programme in the web. Another option might be that your SPAM filter does not allow our e-mail to reach you. In such a case you should remember to adjust it accordingly.

Entrance auditions in Stavanger

The entrance auditions for music studies will be arranged in week 10. Auditions in dance (for Scandinavian applicants) will take place in week 6,7 and 8. 

If you are a foreign student outside Scandinavia who cannot meet for live auditions for music performance studies, it is possible to upload a video recording with 45 minutes of unedited music. This recording must be uploaded in the electronic application form within the same deadline as the sheet music.

Please remember to inform us in the electronic application form whether you intend to meet for live auditions in week 10 or are going to upload a video recording.

Practical information

Questions regarding practical aspects - such as accomodation, arrival, visa procedure, expenses, scholarships - of your future studies in Stavanger: you will find more information on the website to the International Office at the University.

NB! The Bachelor Programmes at the Faculty of Performing Arts are only available for Norwegians, and for applicants from the Nordic countries who do know how to speak and write the Scandinavian language. 
See Norwegian Language Requirements.

If you know the Norwegian language please read more about the Bachelor Programmes on our Norwegian website

You will find detailed information about being an international student at the University of Stavanger in our .

Online Application Web