Admission Requirements

All international applicants to studies at Faculty of Performing Arts need to register an application in our Online Application Web.

Application deadline: JANUARY 1st 2020

Upload your application documents

All required documents need to be uploaded in the application web, as PDF- documents.
This requirement is specific to the Department of music and dance and does not apply to other departments at UiS which require paper documents sent by regular post.

Deadline for uploading required documents is January 1st.


Admission requirements and required documentation

There are different admission requirements for all our programmes. Please check out the requirements and which documents that are needed for complete your application:

Music Production and Recording
60 ECTS (1 year programme)

Extention Studies in Music Performance - Classical, Jazz/ improvisation
60 ECTS (1 year programme)

Master in Music Performance - Classical, Jazz/improvisation
120 ECTS (2 years programme)

Postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance - Classical
60 ECTS (1 year programme)


Some programmes are taught in Norwegian language only.
International applicants with a valid language proficiency test/score may apply for an undergraduate programme (Bachelor in Music or Bachelor in Dance). For more information regarding ''how to meet the Norwegian language requirement''. NB! Remember to upload a Norwegian language test result in the application web.

You will find useful information and all requirements for the undergraduate programmes in Norwegian only, at

All our graduate and postgraduate studies are open for international applicants. It is only our undergraduate studies (as the Bachelor programmes) that are taught in Norwegian only. The Master programme, the Extension Studies in Music Performance, the Music Production and Recording programme and the Post Graduate Diploma in Music Performance are taught in English.

Entrance auditions

The entrance auditions for music studies will be held in week 10. If you are a foreign student outside Scandinavia who cannot meet for live auditions, it is possible to upload 45 minutes of your audition programme in the electronisc application form. It has to be unedited music.

Language requirements

Proficiency in English is required for all students in Norway. Students who are not native English speakers, must document their knowledge of English.
Please find detailed information regarding language requirements here.

Information about financing

Unfortunately, the University of Stavanger has no scholarship or funding available for your period of study in Stavanger, you are responsible for supporting yourself during your stay here.

The University of Stavanger has no tuition fee, but all students are required to pay a registration fee of NOK 750 per semester, with the exception of exchange students.

Although the university does not charge tuition fees, it is important to bear in mind that the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) requires that applicants for a Norwegian resident permit (study permit) need to document financial means equivalent to full funding by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund at the current rate. This amounts to approx. NOK 116 369 that is intended to cover living expenses during one academic year. If you plan to stay for one semester, only half of the amount is required. This amount does not include your plane ticket to and from Norway but should include all costs once you arrive here (food, housing, books, entertainment, excursions, etc.).

Applicants with completed and documented Bachelor’s degree applying for further studies at Faculty of Performing Arts.
Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) is an independent office located in Oslo. NOKUT works with individual applications concerning general academic recognition of foreign higher education. The general recognition of foreign higher education qualifications in Norway means that NOKUT considers whether the qualifications are equivalent to Norwegian higher education and makes an assessment of the extent to which it is equivalent, in terms of years of study and ECTS credits, Norwegian Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree. The application form and more information can be found on NOKUT's page "Recognition of foreign higher education"