Extension Studies in Music Performance

This is an overview of the extension study programme in instrumental or vocal performance at undergraduate level.
The duration of the programme is 1 year (60 ECTS).

How to apply

Language requirements

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The target group is candidates who already have a Bachelor in Music Performance or equivalent. The tuition language is Norwegian or English depending on volume of English-speaking students. All components in the study are compulsory.

Goal/ contents:
The student is expected to acquire knowledge, skills and competence that clearly marks an improvement from the Bachelor level. It is intended as a basis for concert performances as a soloist or in an ensemble in a professional setting. Completion of the programme gives access to studies on master’s level either at the University of Stavanger, The Department of Music and Dance, or other similar institutions.

Prerequisite for admission:
Accomplished and passed Bachelor degree in music performance (or equivalent education).
Admission is based on the following factors: Completed online application form, documentation on previous education and instrumental audition. Please read the admission requirements closely.

Learning environment
The programme is based on a combination of one-to-one tuition and ensemble groups. This will vary in the different subjects chosen. The learning environment is varied and will consist of teaching from your main teacher, ensemble (projects), individual rehearsals and cooperation with Bjergsted Culture Park partners. There are good possibilities of listening to music and self study both at the Music Library on campus and at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound next door. The Bjergsted Culture Park has an international atmosphere, with a student body of 25% international students.

A full-time study year consists of 60 ECTS credits. Every subject in the Extension Study Programme consists of 30 ECTS credits, where one of them is a compulsory subject (VUA100 - Main instrument). For making a full-time study you combine one of the other subjects with the Main instrument subject.

VUA100 Main instrument (compulsory)
VKA100 Chamber music/ Ensemble
VAK100 Accompaniment
VTM100 Early music repertoire
VIM100 Conducting level II
VEK102 Arranging/composing and interpretation