Practice and concert opportunities

The University of Stavanger provides both students and faculty with an attractive working environment in Bjergsted Park.

IMD students Students outside the Oil museum in Stavanger - Photo: Morten Berentsen

The School occupies approximately 6500 square meters of space and includes the Conservatory building as well as additional space in the adjacent buildings of Bjergsted Terrace. Facilities include classrooms, practise rooms, five dance studios, two computer labs, a well- stocked library, three recording studios, administrative and faculty offices, a canteen, and three performance spaces, including a recital hall. 

Opportunities for teaching practise occur in cooperation with the Stavanger Music and Culture School and local elementary schools.  In addition, the School offers evening classes in dance for children and youth. 

Concert and performance opportunities for students are many. Over 100 individual concerts are presented each year in addition to larger projects such as the annual opera production and the spring dance performance.

Opening hours campus Bjergsted
Using the electronic key chip, you have access to the buildings between 7 am and 11 pm every day. The alarm will be triggered if you stay in the building outside this time slot. If the alarm is triggered, the security company will issue an invoice with a NOK 2100 fee (per 2017). The person who triggered the alarm will be responsible for paying the invoice.

The entrance doors to the main building are open between 8 am and 3 pm from May 15th through September 14th, and between 8 am and 3.45 pm during the winter months.
The doors are locked during July.

The reception is open between Mon-Wen-Fri 10 am and 2 pm, and closes during the lunch hours (11.30am - 12.30).
Outside opening hours you can contact us by e-mail at