Student/teacher testimonials

Teacher and Students are describing their experiences with the Norwegian Language and Culture Programme.

  • Marcin Pietrowski

    Marcin Pietrowski, Poland, Student of Mathematics and Physics at University of Stavanger

    I have been living in Norway for 8 years now. I chose the Norwegian Language and Culture Programme to take my Norwegian language to a higher level and finishing the programme allows me to continue my education in the study programme of my choice.

    It was a positive experience to be a part of the programme, gaining knowledge about not only the language but also about Norwegian culture and history. Meeting new people from all over the world is another benefit as we can learn from their culture and learning methods.

    The teachers deserve appreciation, as they are motivated, inspiring, and always trying to get the best out of every single student. I strongly advise you to take this programme. Studying abroad gives you a broader perspective and motivates you to aspire to a better education.

  • Laiz Batista de Costa

    Laiz Batista Da Costa, Brazil, Student of LL.M in Public International Law at the University of Oslo

    I come from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I completed a 5 year Bachelor in Law, and met my Norwegian husband who was the reason why I moved to Stavanger. As soon as I arrived in Norway, I noticed the importance of learning the language in order to be fully integrated into society both professionally and personally.

    The Norwegian Language and Culture program at UIS provided me not only with the necessary tools to be able to work in a Norwegian environment, but also empowered me to continue my academic path towards a Master in a Norwegian University.

    After an intense year of studies, I am now able to communicate with Norwegians in their native language, as well as understand and reflect upon the country’s history, politics and literature. That knowledge makes me feel integrated and an active part of the Norwegian society.

  • Ana Oleinik

    Ana Oleinik, Lithuania, Student of Bachelor in Television and Multimedia Production at the University of Stavanger

    My boyfriend has lived in Norway for a few years, so a year ago we decided that the time had come for me to move to him. We understood that learning the Norwegian language would be essential for living in Norway.

    As a new student, I was impressed with the University of Stavanger. I really liked how organized the Orientation week was for new students. It helped me to learn more about the university, Stavanger and to find new friends. During the year, UiS offers a lot of interesting events and excursions, and the university staff always try to help if you have any problems.

    I have never regretted choosing this program. We had amazing teachers who are real professionals of their field and who are passionate about teaching. Each of us got attention, motivation and help. This course was very intense so during two semesters we have learned a lot. Personally, for me it was very useful when teachers began to speak with us just in Norwegian.

    I strongly recommend this full-time course for those who want to learn Norwegian from scratch and who will make every effort in doing so. Do not be afraid to take risks and always remember that everything that seems impossible is possible.

  • Teacher Ann Elisabeth Laksfoss Hansen

    Teacher testimonial: Ann Elisabeth Laksfoss Hansen

    I have taught these courses for the last five years. It is extremely fulfilling to work with such ambitious and motivated students and notice their progress. The lecturers prepare the classes so that they challenge them, yet they are fully feasible for responsible and hard-working students. This program demands full-time attention and attendance during two short and intense semesters. In the Norwegian university system, the student is responsible for his/her studies and we expect the students to be independent and organized. We stress the importance of individual work and dedication. Attendance is compulsory and we recommend that the students communicate among themselves in Norwegian as soon as possible.

    It is much more encompassing than a mere language course. Come May, the students should be able to apply, analyze and reflect on Norwegian society, history, religion, and culture through the studying of several literary texts of different themes and periods, in Norwegian. In order to sit for the final exams, students must previously have complied with the rules (hand-ins, tests and compulsory group work and attendance). The examination is both written and oral. When we talk to previous students, they usually tell us that the program prepared them for their studies and life in Norway.

  • Rait Veesalu

    Rait Veesalu, Estonia

    I came to Norway after my first year at university. My family had already lived here for a few years, and they really wanted me to study in Stavanger. They said that Stavanger had a great university and I should check it out and found out that they were right!

    After a lot of thinking I chose the Norwegian Language and Culture Program, because I discovered that most of the bachelor studies I was interested in are taught in Norwegian. Plus I thought that if I ever plan to work here, it would be really helpful to know the language.

    Before the program started, I thought I might be wasting my time. But it wasn’t long before I discovered how cool it actually was to learn a new language and how great the people in my class were. Norwegian friends noticed my progress and everybody was surprised how quickly I began speaking. It was all thanks to the teachers who are really motivated and passionate about teaching. Even though there was over 20 of us in one class, I always got great personal feedback on what kind of aspects I should put a little more emphasis on.

    It’s funny to think that just a year later I’m studying math and physics in Pre-Engineering in Norwegian and I can actually understand everything. I strongly advise you to take this programme. It looks great on your CV, studying abroad really opens your eyes and you can strive for a better education.