Diploma, transcript of records, and credit system


Students who complete their degree on time will receive a diploma automatically. It will be sent to the home address registered in Studentweb. Students who have not completed their studies on time, must order a diploma from their faculty.

Diploma supplement

All graduates of the University of Stavanger will upon graduation and free of charge automatically receive a diploma, a transcript of records and a diploma supplement. The diploma supplement will be issued in English and is only valid when present with the diploma itself.

The intention of the diploma supplement is to give information about the study programme and degree and thus create greater transparency for international purposes.

For further information on the history, goals and implementation of the diploma supplement in Norway, please see NOKUT's additional information

Transcript of records

You can download a digitally signed transcript in Studentweb. This can be done by logging in to StudentWeb. For current students, log in with your student number and password. For previous students, log in with MinID, BankID, Buypass, Commfides or with an electronic id from an eIDAS member state. Once logged in, go to “More” → “Orders”.

Do you still need a paper printout? 
The University of Stavanger prints your transcript of records upon request if you send an email to Please note that the transcript will be sent to the address registered in StudentWeb. Hence, if you are currently not a student at the University of Stavanger you may need to update your home address (click on “show address”). If you have recently completed an exam, you should await ordering the transcript until your examination results have been announced (in StudentWeb). When ordering a transcript of records in English, an explanatory text of the credit and grading system will be included. The transcript will be issued in approximately one week. The service is free of charge.

If you have any questions please contact

Credit system and grades

The academic year runs from mid-August to mid-June and lasts for 10 months. Courses are measured in “studiepoeng” according to the European Credit Transfer System standard (ECTS credits). The full-time workload for one academic year is 60 "studiepoeng"/ECTS credits.

Grades for undergraduate and postgraduate examinations are awarded according to a graded scale from A (highest) to F (lowest), with E as the minimum pass grade. A pass/fail mark is given for some examinations.

Credit system and grades
Grade Description General, qualitative description of valuation criteria
A Excellent An excellent performance, clearly outstanding. The candidate demonstrates excellent judgement and a high degree of independent thinking.
B Very good A very good performance. The candidate demonstrates sound judgement and a very good degree of independent thinking.
C Good A good performance in most areas. The candidate demonstrates a reasonable degree of judgement and independent thinking in the most important areas.
D Satisfactory A satisfactory performance, but with significant shortcomings. The candidate demonstrates a limited degree of judgement and independent thinking.
E Sufficient A performance that meets the minimum criteria, but no more. The candidate demonstrates a very limited degree of judgement and independent thinking.
F Fail A performance that does not meet the minimum academic criteria. The candidate demonstrates an absence of both judgement and independent thinking.