Application guide for exchange students

If your home institution has an agreement with the UiS, you are welcome to apply as an exchange student. Without a bilateral agreement in place, we can not accept your application.

If you are unsure whether your university has an agreement with UiS, please check with your home coordinator or email us at
- During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is the emergency management group at the University of Stavanger who decides to what extent we will carry out student exchange.  
- Exchange for spring 2021 is still scheduled as normal and we are planning for, and hoping to welcome students in Stavanger in January 2021.
- Please be aware that we have limited accommodation. As a consequence, do not buy a plane ticket to Norway before securing accommodation.
- It is important that you read up on quarantine rules in Norway  The University will try and assist with the quarantine, but further information will follow.
- Please note that some nationalities require a student permit to Norway.  Please also note you cannot apply for a student permit before you receive your admission letter from the University of Stavanger.

Nomination guide and application process

1. Nominations is done through an online nomination service by your home university:
Guide for nominating students for partners. (Music and Dance students will not use this system. More information is in the end of this page.) 
The online nomination service will open in the beginning of March for autumn semester and beginning of September for spring semester.
2.  Online application service
The nominated students will receive two emails from the University of Stavanger confirming that they have been nominated and a link to choose password. The students will be given further instructions for completing their application in the online application service for students (SøknadsWeb). (Music and Dance students will not use this system. More information is in the end of this page.) It is possible to log in and out of the application system multiple times and make changes up until the deadline.
3.  Upload Transcript of Records/Diploma

Either the student or the nominator upload all university transcripts / diploma (both bachelor’s and if applicable, master’s level) in English or in a Scandinavian language. The transcript/diploma must contain a description of the grading system. Master's students must upload their Bachelor's diploma or other proof that they have finished their Bachelor's Degree. We only accept official copies with a signature and/or a stamp. 

4. Upload a copy of your passport or ID card
The required documentation must be uploaded to SøknadsWeb in PDF or JPEG format. Please write a name on the document uploaded. Example: ID John Smith /ToR John Smith  
5. Choose courses
In Søknadsweb you can choose courses from a drop-down menue. If the courses in list over courses for exchange students is not there, please write the course under "Extra information". Please be aware that Bachelor students may not attend Master's courses.
6. Extra documents for practical placement at the Faculty of Health Sciences
All clinical placement students must document before arrival:
- A negative MRSA test
- A negative tuberculosis test if they belong or have been in a country with a high TB incidence for more than three months the last three years or have otherwise been exposed to infection. UiS is obliged to ensure that the student’s lung X-rays do not show active lung TB prior to starting work with patients. For more details concerning screening and updated list of countries with incidence of tuberculosis, please check the following webpage of Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
7. Extra documents for social work students only
- Motivation letter
- CV 
- Which practicum you wish to take, earlier experiences and (yes/no) if you have a driver license.
Depending on which placement you receive, you might need to provide a negative tuberculosis test and MRSA test before arrival. You will be contacted if this is needed.
8. Extra documents for students applying for Drama / Comparative Education / Outdoor Education only
9. Erasmus+ document (Online Learning Agreement)
The University of Stavanger now use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). Please read here on how to complete this document. We will not accept the old Learning Agreement.
Please note that it is not possible to apply for accommodation now. You will be informed of application procedures after you have been admitted.
1 May for studies commencing in the autumn semester (August - December)
(1 April for students doing practice: Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic and Social Work)

1 November for studies commencing in the spring semester (January - June)
(1 October for students doing practice: Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic and Social Work)
We recommend that students from non-EU/EEA countries applies as soon as possible due to the visa application procedures after being nominated by their home institution.
Applications will not be processed until all required documents are received. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. 

All applications for incoming exchange are submitted via EASY (AEC Online Applications System).


For questions regarding incoming exchange at Faculty of Performing Arts, or if EASY is not recognizing you, please contact
Lena C. Haug, study coordinator for Music and Dance.

Website for incoming exchange at Faculty of Performing Arts.