A unique outdoor life experience!

Join us for a unique natural experience and get an insight into Norwegian Outdoor Life and physical education.

Vinter friluftsliv studenter

Important information regarding COVID-19:

Students that are from countries with a high risk of COVID-19 need to be 10 days in quarantine when arriving in Norway. The programme starts on the 12th of January. That means that you need to be in Norway the latest at the 2nd of January. Read here for more information.


There will be an emphasis on the acquisition of outdoor life skills, experiences and educational challenges in a professional and social environment through various activities. Students will gain knowledge, communication skills, and learn to provide guidance in outdoor education, which takes place in different natural environments, ranging from the coast to high mountains in the area. This programme is offered in the spring semester only (January - June).

Learning outcomes

Based on the experiences, knowledge and skills in outdoor activities, after completing the programme the students will qualify for the following types of activities:

  • Use basic skills in simple traditional outdoor activities in natural environments in the winter and spring
  • Reflect on the position of outdoor education in Norwegian society and why it is important to engage in outdoor activities for children and young people
  • Perform methodological evaluations in outdoor life
  • Plan, implement and evaluate walks in different environments that provide nature experiences
  • Plan, implement and evaluate instruction in outdoor education for children and young people


Varies between theoretical classes and experience-based teaching. Student-led tuition is part of the course. Instruction includes lectures, seminars, self study, field trips, guidance and teaching practice. Some instructions may at times occur in the Norwegian language, followed by translations from fellow Norwegian students.


General admission to higher education. The programme requires good phsyical and mental shape that enables you to carry out training programmes in rough terrain with light or heavy pack. On field trips students will live in tents, Sami tents (lavvo), and snow caves.

There are a limited number of spaces available for this programme. For spring 2021 there are 12 spaces available for exchange students. Admission will be based on academic background of the student. 

Contents, spring semester 2021:

UDR121 Outdoor Education: Vocational assignment (5 ECTS)

UDR122 Outdoor Education: Winter, Coast and Outdoor Leadership (15 ECTS)

UDR123 Outdoor education in the local environment (10 ECTS)

Practical activities and costs

The Outdoor Education programme and in particular the winter module places great demands on personal equipment. Some equipment, however, may be borrowed from the Sports sciences department of the university. Students must pay for equipment that cannot be borrowed, as well as costs related to field trips and courses.

The total cost per. student for the excursions and courses included in the winter module will be approximately    11 000 NOK.

  • Canoeing - Paddling techniques
  • Orienteering: Maps, compass and GPS
  • First Aid and Life Support
  • Fishing
  • Outdoors activities in different natural environments
  • Skiing techniques associated with cross-country, classis and skating
  • Alpine and telemark skiing
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Climbing
  • Surfing

Check out the programme video here!

Due to contact with children, all admitted students will be required to submit an official police declaration (criminal background clearance) in English order to participate.