It is required that all bills are settled upon departure, and that the janitor has seen and approved your room before leaving.


Before you move out you need to clean out your room properly according to the checklist. After you move out from your room a technical and cleaning inspection is carried out. If you have failed to carry out the cleaning as instructed, we will invoice you for the cleaning costs from our cleaning company and any other repair costs.

If you are an exchange student we will also contact your coordinator at your home institution about the situation, as it is essential for our partnership agreement that you, as an incoming student, fulfill your obligations.


Your key(s) need to be returned to the SiS housing office on the day of your departure at the latest. If you cannot return your key(s) within office hours, you can put it in the small black postbox by the Kitty Kielland's building entrance. Alternatively, you can put it in the box in your accommodation (this can only be done if there is another person who can lock the door after you leave). The key(s) must be put in an envelope marked with your name and address. If your key(s) has not been returned by 12 (noon) on the day that your contract ends, the lock to your room may be changed and you will receive an invoice. If you decide to move out during the weekend, you have to contact your janitor during office hours on a weekday before your departure.