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  • Jenny Rancken

    Jenny Rancken, Finland - Outdoor Education

    During the spring of 2015, I was on an exchange at the University of Stavanger (UiS) studying Outdoor Education as a part of my Master’s study. I wanted to go to Norway to study Outdoor Education, since Norway has a long tradition in this field and is somewhat an expert in the subject. After a search, I found out that my home university has an agreement with UiS and it offers a study programme in "friluftsliv". 

    In Finland I study to become a primary school teacher, and the Outdoor Education I have had before was about how to integrate all the school subjects into the outdoors. Therefore, I expected that I was to learn more of that in Norway, but I quickly realized my programme was merely concentrated on sports. This was first a surprise, but when I got used to the idea it was great! All the knowledge and experiences I have gotten is useful and interesting, and I think that as a teacher it is an advantage to be on a higher level than the things you teach. The trips we made were maybe not meant for children in primary school, but I am glad I have the knowledge and experience for my own use and thanks to this I am a better leader also for the younger kids. So, I would say I have learnt a great deal of things during my time in Stavanger, but from a different perspective than I expected.

    Stavanger is a lovely city. You should absolutely enjoy all the beautiful nature surrounding Stavanger, and all of the west coast. It is also quite easy to travel around in Norway from there. I warmly recommend Stavanger to other students who want to study in Norway. 

    Thank you for an unforgettable time in Norway and at the University of Stavanger!