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Exchange students are describing their experiences at the University of Stavanger.

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  • Photo of Antoine Mathivon on a field trip to Greece with the course GEO540

    Antoine Mathivon, France

    During my fourth year in the Engineering School UniLaSalle, I chose to realize a semester abroad through an Erasmus exchange. I applied for the University of Stavanger because of its good reputation in the oil and gas industry and because of a curiosity for Norway. After 5 months of studies at UiS, I left Norway with new friends, an improved knowledge in petroleum geology and with great memories. The courses were great and interesting with both a theoretical and a practical approach, such as an amazing field trip in Greece and the IBA experience. They were challenging and pushed my previous limits of knowledge. During the (little) freetime that I had, I managed to discover a bit of Norway: the people, the beautiful landscapes and the northern lights. To summarize: it was a great experience which actually led me to the choice of doing my Master Thesis at UiS.

  • Photo of Janet King in Stavanger

    Janet Kong, USA

    Part way through my master’s degree at the University of Houston, my professor suggested that I participate in the exchange program between our university and the University of Stavanger in Norway. My interest in UiS was twofold – one, I would get to travel and study in a different country (while earning graduate credits!), and two, I could do research that would later play a large role in my thesis.

    At the time, I didn’t know that my eight months in Stavanger would be some of the most challenging and rewarding months of my graduate studies. The graduate programs in petroleum geosciences engineering at UiS push students in many different ways, from tackling projects with team members to learning different types of software used in the energy industry. These experiences, along with unique opportunities such as international field trips, link the academic world to the industrial one, and provide a strong foundation from which students can develop their future career paths.

    I’m very fortunate to have studied at this well-respected university that is full of motivated students from all over the world. Stavanger is a wonderful place to study (and hike J), and anyone who is thinking about applying to UiS should go for it! 

  • Basilio Adam

    Adam Basilio, Brasil

    I came to Norway to study Environmental Technology as an exchange student from Brazilian program “Science without Borders”. I have always been interested in studying the environment and how we can “give back” to the earth a little of what we take from it. I can say that I was surprised to see that the University of Stavanger (UiS) has a full program focused on that matter. In fact, Norway is so environmentally friendly that I cannot stop thinking of it as a role model.

    Even before I arrived to Norway, UiS reached us and offered help in every single aspect. Once I got there, they welcomed us in a well-planned Orientation Week, where we got more information, assistance and entertainment. After that, “you are on your own”. But we were never on our own in the university, as they say: ‘If you need something, bare spør (just ask)’!

    It was wonderful to see the teachers making an effort to show us every aspect of what we are studying: theory, praxes, science, and engineering. To do so, they used a variety of activities, which included laboratory exercises, field trips and my favorite, an unexpected field course in the lakes of the city.

    For those who are looking for a nice city to stay in with a great university to study at and with an endless nature contact, come to Stavanger! You will not regret!

  • Marina Lorena Campos Teixeira

    Marina Lorena Campos Teixeira, Brasil

    My journey away from home started since I decided to have a life changing experience. That is how Norway was a good option: different climate, culture and landscapes were an inexcusable reason to discover this amazing place! Stavanger was my first option due to the courses that I wanted to take, considering my background studies. During 2014-2015, I studied Master of Sciences in Environmental Technology, and everything was ready for the new students since the beginning. Orientation Week provided all the important information for the student life, and the International Student Union arranged parties and trips - including the amazing trip to Preikestolen!

    All the time I spent at the university was great. The study program was well structured, so we had enough time to study for the exams. There were a good quantity of homework and assignments, and the teachers were always available to help us solve any problems. We also had many practical lectures in the labs, which were really good.

    The best advice I can give for those who wants to come to Norway is to be an open-minded person for any situations and be prepared for the winter. I can assure it will be a memorable time of your life!

  • Paulo Teixeira de Macedo Filho

    Paulo Teixeira de Macedo Filho, Brasil

    I studied Master of Science in Offshore Technology as a Science without Borders exchange student. The University of Stavanger offered me a new career perspective. I was able to conciliate technical subjects with practical subjects, very important combination for a civil engineer career. I think that this Master programme was a very practical programme and most of the professors know how to teach and, from my point of view, they know how to formulate questions for the exams, so that the knowledge gained during the course is well tested.

    I had only positive experiences from my time in Stavanger. The combination of a great course structure, good professors and their teaching methods exceeded my expectations. The best part of being in Norway was the contact with nature, including the hikes to Preikestolen, Kjerag, Trolltunga and Hermannsdalstinden (Lofoten).

    The students who want to come to study in Stavanger should be prepared for a lot of rain and cold weather. Although it is quite sad that the Norwegian students do not really integrate with the international students, that cannot change the fact that being an exchange student is the best time of your life.