Adam Basilio, Brasil

I came to Norway to study Environmental Technology as an exchange student from Brazilian program “Science without Borders”. I have always been interested in studying the environment and how we can “give back” to the earth a little of what we take from it. I can say that I was surprised to see that the University of Stavanger (UiS) has a full program focused on that matter. In fact, Norway is so environmentally friendly that I cannot stop thinking of it as a role model.

Even before I arrived to Norway, UiS reached us and offered help in every single aspect. Once I got there, they welcomed us in a well-planned Orientation Week, where we got more information, assistance and entertainment. After that, “you are on your own”. But we were never on our own in the university, as they say: ‘If you need something, bare spør (just ask)’!

It was wonderful to see the teachers making an effort to show us every aspect of what we are studying: theory, praxes, science, and engineering. To do so, they used a variety of activities, which included laboratory exercises, field trips and my favorite, an unexpected field course in the lakes of the city.

For those who are looking for a nice city to stay in with a great university to study at and with an endless nature contact, come to Stavanger! You will not regret!