Paulo Teixeira de Macedo Filho, Brasil

I studied Master of Science in Offshore Technology as a Science without Borders exchange student. The University of Stavanger offered me a new career perspective. I was able to conciliate technical subjects with practical subjects, very important combination for a civil engineer career. I think that this Master programme was a very practical programme and most of the professors know how to teach and, from my point of view, they know how to formulate questions for the exams, so that the knowledge gained during the course is well tested.

I had only positive experiences from my time in Stavanger. The combination of a great course structure, good professors and their teaching methods exceeded my expectations. The best part of being in Norway was the contact with nature, including the hikes to Preikestolen, Kjerag, Trolltunga and Hermannsdalstinden (Lofoten).

The students who want to come to study in Stavanger should be prepared for a lot of rain and cold weather. Although it is quite sad that the Norwegian students do not really integrate with the international students, that cannot change the fact that being an exchange student is the best time of your life.