Dette er studietilbudet for studieår 2020-2021.

Practical course in PCR, plasmid isolation, restrictions enzymes, transformation, production of recombinant protein, cell and tissue culture.

Learning outcome

The student will acquire basic experience on PCR, transformation of bacteria, isolation of plasmids, production of recombinant protein, purification and detection of the protein product by immunological methods. The student will know how to work under axenic conditions, and grow seedlings in vitro. Furthermore, the student will know how to extract and measure pigments. The student will know basics in signal transduction (kinases, phosphatases). The student will have training in writing a scientific report.


Practical course in protein purification, PCR, plasmid isolation, restrictions enzymes, transformation, cell and tissue culture.

Required prerequisite knowledge


Recommended prerequisites

biochemistry and cell biology


Weight Duration Mark Supporting materials
Written exam1/14 hoursA - FNone permitted

Coursework requirements

Laboratory exercises, Projects with mandatory handing in of reports
Mandatory lab assignments are to be completed at the times and in the groups that are assigned and published. Absence due to illness or other reasons must be communicated to the laboratory personnel as soon as possible. One cannot expect that provisions for completion of the lab assignments at other times can be made, unless prior arrangements with the laboratory personnel have been agreed.
Failure to complete the assigned labs on time or not having them approved will result in barring from taking the course exam.

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Cathrine Lillo
Course teacher
Maria Terese Creighton , Dugassa Nemie-Feyissa , Cathrine Lillo
Head of Department
Gro Johnsen

Method of work

2 hours lectures/laboratory review and 12 hours laboratory work and lab reports for 8 and 6 weeks, respectively. Mandatory work demands (such as hand in assignments, lab- assignments) must be approved by the course teacher three weeks before the examination date.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (credits)
Biotechnology, methods (MOT380_1) 10

Open to

Biological Chemistry - Master of Science Degree Programme

Course assessment

Forms and/or discussion


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Dette er studietilbudet for studieår 2020-2021.

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