English is one of the three most important subjects, alongside Norwegian and Mathematics, in Norwegian schools today. It is also important in Norwegian society as Norwegians not only need English when travelling abroad, but also in the multicultural Norway of today.

Elever. Grunnskolelærerutdanning 1-7, Grunnskolelærer 1-7, lærer 1-7, Universitetet i Stavanger, valgfag for grunnskolelærer

School children of all ages deserve creative and motivated English teachers, who are confident in their own language abilities, and that is what we in the English department try to help you become.

In the Spring semester two courses are offered:

1. English Linguistics for Teachers: 15 study points
2. English teaching methodology for Young learners part 1: 15 study points

In the Autumn semester two further courses are offered:

3. English Language, Culture and Literature for Teachers: 15 study points
4. English teaching methodology for Young learners part 2: 15 study points

Although language plays a central role in all language studies, language teachers are also entrusted to support learners’ intercultural understanding and competency.

With this in mind all students studying English are encouraged to join their fellow students at the Norwegian study centre in April/May each year for two weeks. Here expert teachers in literature, culture and linguistics open up British society and everyday life to students in a way that would be impossible in Norway; encouraging them to see beyond the clichéd tourist view of Great Britain to a more nuanced understanding.

The Study centre is located in the beautiful historical centre of York and is attached to the University of York. Living on campus and mingling with other students, popping into town on the bus – whilst overhearing the passengers chatting, perhaps visiting the local pub or café and getting to talk to the locals - all bring English alive as a living language, rather than something which is learned from books at school.

Some students fall in love with the place and return to do their masters or their ‘fordypning’ after they are qualified.

 All our students are encouraged to take part in some internationalisation during their English courses. Short 4 week practice opportunities exist both here in Norway at the British school of Stavanger and at other universities and high schools in Europe. There are also a number of other European institutions that will accept our students for semester studies in the Autumn semester.


Illustrasjonsfoto av studenter i York: Studietur er en del av valgfag i engelsk ved UiS.