Awards for petroleum students

Repsol, Acona and Vår Energi awarded a total of 10 prizes and NOK 325,000 to undergraduate and master students at UiS June 17th.

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    Kenneth Løland (from left), Isabella Rosetti and Juan Rubio won Repsol's prizes. The fourth winner, Zongqiang Luo, can be seen on the screen in the background.
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    Winner of Acona's award, Caetano Saramago with supervisor Dan Sui.
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    Winners of Vår Energy Awards: From left Christine Oswald, Larisa Penkala, Jan-Arthur Svendsbøe and Einar Salomonsen. Adrian Pindel was not presenrt. In the background, head of department Alejandro Escalona, ​​Denis Palermo (Vår Energi), Bjørn Thore Ribesen (Vår Energi) and head of department Øystein Arild.

The 10 lucky students are all affiliated with the Department of Energy Resources and the Department of Energy and Petroleum Technology. The students have shown excellent skills, and are now rewarded for their efforts. Most of the awards went to master's students, while six of the awards went to undergraduate students who have only studied for one year at UiS.

The University works closely with the industry. The awards that were given this day show that the industry appreciates the work that is being done by the students, both in the lecture halls and in the laboratories at the petroleum institutes.

And the winners are ...

Repsol's prizes (NOK 25,000 for each) go to the top four master's students in these categories (selection based on grades):

  • Drilling and well: Juan Rubio
  • Reservoir: Kenneth Løland
  • Natural gas: Zongqiang Luo
  • Petroleum Geology: Isabella Rosetti

Acona's award for best master's thesis (NOK 25,000) goes to:

  • Caetano Saramago

Vår Energy Awards (25,000 to two undergraduate students and 50,000 to three master's students) go to:

  • Jan-Arthur Skartland Svendsbøe (Bachelor)
  • Einar Gramstad Salomonsen (Bachelor)
  • Larisa Penkala (Master)
  • Adrian Pindel (Master)
  • Christine Oswald (Master)

Text and photo: Kjersti Riiber