Nominated for the IOR Prize

Professor Emeritus Svein M. Skjæveland is nominated for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's IOR Prize, which will be awarded during this year's ONS.

Nominated for the IOR Prize Professor Emeritus Svein M. Skjæveland at UiS is nominated for the NPD's IOR award. Photo: Asbjørn Jensen

The IOR Prize (improved oil recovery) has been given annually from 1998 to 2010 – from 2010 the prize has been given every other year. Professor Emeritus Svein M. Skjæveland at the University of Stavanger is one in three nominees to this year's prize.

Skjæveland has been nominated for his efforts to build the petroleum engineering program at UiS.

The jury's reasoning

The nomination of Skjæveland states:

«Skjæveland has for many years contributed in education, research, management and organization. For several years he directed petroleum activities at both the District College and Rogaland Research (now IRIS/NORCE). He developed the first master's program in petroleum technology in Stavanger. And later, he contributed to the University College of Stavanger's PhD program in petroleum technology.

He was rector for a period at Høgskolesenteret in Stavanger. He has also had several other administrative positions within academia. He was also central when the college became the University of Stavanger (UiS) in 2005. In collaboration with Professor Jon Kleppe at NTNU, he participated in developing a joint international master's program with admission based on national bachelor education.

Professor Skjæveland was central in the planning and implementation of the research programs Spor (1985-1991) and Ruth (1992-1995). He also played a major part in the development of The National IOR Centre of Norway and precursor Corec

The Skjæveland Award

Svein M. Skjæveland has also given a name for a prize. During the annual IOR NORWAY conference organized by The National IOR Centre of Norway, the Skjæveland Award is awarded to young talents within improved oil recovery.

Skjæveland is currently director of education and academia at The National IOR Centre of Norway. He is also a supervisor for several master and doctoral students.

The other two nominees for the IOR award 2018 are the licensees of Alvheim and Resman.

Text: Kjersti Riiber