Welcome to Stavanger!

From the language, where to live, what to see and what to do, to your family's wellbeing..... All these factors are of paramount importance once you have decided to move to Stavanger, whether for a limited period or maybe forever. UiS will strive to extend a warm welcome to you and make you feel right at home!

The harbour of Stavanger  - The Tall Ships Races 2018 The Tall Ships Races in Stavanger 2018 - photo: Øyvind Hagen

You will find people living here basically from all over the world. Although most people speak English we do recommend strongly that you learn the Norwegian language!

Stretching along the north-west peninsula of Scandinavia, Norway offers a stunning coastline, beautiful fjords and rugged mountains. The Stavanger region is vibrant and progressive with picturesque natural surroundings. Rogaland County is found on the south-west coast of Norway.

There are many municipalities within the county and Stavanger is the administrative centre. Of a total number of 19 counties, Rogaland is the thirteenth largest in area and the fourth largest by population in Norway. Stavanger is a fast-growing and highly developed knowledge region.

The city has a lot to offer and so do the natural surroundings! Browse this page to find out a bit more of what is waiting for you.