Recommended networking

University of Stavanger offers a program emphasizes practical information about living and working in Norway and cross-cultural training in the Norwegian context.

University of Stavanger collaborate with Stavanger Chamber International assisting new assignees and their families in adapting to Norwegian life in the best possible way.

This program is an offer to all international employees, with spouse, when they have settled. The membership with Stavanger Chamber of Commerce gives international employees and their partners at the University of Stavanger the possibility participating on events arranged by Stavanger Chamber International. UIS’s membership includes seminars, social events, networking and a monthly newsletter. We provide spousal support in regards to career advice should this be required.

We arrange monthly “Living and Working in the Stavanger Region Course” days which is a program covering Geography, History, Politics, Culture, Norwegian Characteristics, Daily life, Safety, Transport, a tour of Stavanger and lunch.

There is a well of oportunities to socialite, learn the language and more spesifc type of courses like; Job Search and Career guidance or informal "Språk-kafé" (Norwegian conversation group).