Health Services

In Norway, public health services are generally considered to be well organized and meet top professional standards.

The Norwegian health care system
is founded on the principles of universal access, decentralisation and free choice of provider. All residents are covered by the National Insurance Scheme (Folketrygden, NIS), managed by the Norwegian Health Economics Administration (Helseøkonomiforvaltningen, HELFO). 

Stay in Norway more than 6 months

If your stay in Norway exceeds six months and thus requires that you report moving to Norway, a regular General Practitioner (GP) (“fastlege”) will be appointed to you automatically once your Personal Number has been generated.

Everyone who is registered in the National Registry as resident in a Norwegian municipality is entitled to have a General Practitioner ("fastlege").

You will receive a letter from HELFO (Norwegian Health Economics Administration) informing you of who your General Practitioner is. If you have not received the letter within 2 weeks after you have received your Personal Number, the most efficient way to rectify this is by calling the GP service (Fastlegetelefonen) on 800 43 573. You may change your GP up to two times a year.  

A small user fee will be charged up to a certain amout each year.must Once you have paid a certain amount inn users fee, you are entitled to receive a healthcare exemption card (Frikort).