Schools and daycare

Schools and daycare

The Norwegian daycare and school system:

  • Daycare (barnehage ages 1 to 5. This is a play-based programme where the focus is on social skills and fun learning). The fee is based on income.
  • Elementary school (Barneskole, ages 6–13). No tuition fee.
  • Lower secondary school (Ungdomsskole, ages 13–16). No tuition fee.
  • Upper secondary school (Videregående skole, ages 16–19). No tuition fee.

The Barneskole and Ungdomsskole levels are compulsory, and are commonly referred to as Grunnskole (literally translates to "'base-school").

Elementary and lower secondary school are mandatory for all children aged 6–16.

Students often have to change school when they enter lower secondary school and almost always have to change school when they enter upper secondary school, as many schools only offer one of the levels.