Tuberculosis test

When you have registered your move to Norway you will be notified by mail from Stavanger Municipality / International Vaccination Office and Infection Control Office that you need to take compulsory tuberculosis screening or/and an X-ray examination.

Citizens of certain countries must have a mandatory tuberculosis check when they arrive in Norway. The control includes a conversation with the nurse and an x-ray of your lungs. TBC-screening is free in Norway.

International Vaccination Office and Infection Control Office in Stavanger is responsible for vaccinations, health advice prior to travelling, issue of malaria prescriptions, hygiene and infection control advice, health information, tuberdulosis examinations and vaccinations.

The International vaccination office and infection control office (Stavanger municipality)

  • Address: Torgveien 15c, 3rd floor (Hillevåg, close to Kilden shopping mall)
  • Phone: 51913333
  • Email:
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday; 08:00 - 15:00

Information about tuberculosis and treatment from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Please contact EMC, if any questions.