The National Insurance Scheme

In Norway, your residence or employment settles the membership in the National Insurance Scheme.

If you will be staying in Norway less than 12 months, (or less than 183 days in any 12-month period or 270 days during any 36-month period) you will not be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

  • Nationals from the EU/EEA must be issued A1 (previously E-101) and S1 forms from their home country.
  • U.S. citizens must have their social security authorities issue the form USA/N-101.
  • Citizens from other countries must clarify whether the home country's social security arrangement applies to Norway. If that is the case, the international researcher must bring along a confirmation upon his/her arrival that he/she is still a member of the home country's social security arrangement when working in Norway.
  • After arriving in Norway, the international researcher must apply for an exemption from membership in the social security office.

Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)

The website of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration offers comprehensive information in English.