Bringing family

Norway is considered to be a family friendly country where the welfare politics makes it easier for couples and single-parents to combine work and family life.

The University of Stavanger will try to provide some support for social integration of the whole family. If children are accompanying you to Norway, the need for careful and long-term planning becomes even more imperative. You need to find adequate housing, daycare and schools. You should also check if you qualify for social benefits assisting parents.

The Student Welfare Organization at University of Stavanger (SiS) has a kindergarten for students children, conviniently located near Campus Ullandhaug. The kindergarten focuses on outdoors life, and cooperates with the Norwegian Tracking Organization’s offices in Stavanger (Stavanger Turistforening).

SiS kindergarten has room for 89 children. If they have excess capacity they might give room for children to employees.

For more information, contact kindergarten by phone 51715780 or e-mail. The main closing date for application is February 1, however you may apply all year. It is requested that you have a Norwegian Identification Number (identify inhabitants). Please contact Sola Municipality for further information.