Beneficial start

The aim of the university’s introduction program for new employees is:

  • Attain an interesting and professionally beneficial start to the appointment
  • Obtain an overview of and introduction to regular tasks ascribed to the position (teaching and research staff shall receive teaching-related guidance through NyTi , as well as assistance with establishing their research)
  • Become familiar with offered services
  • Become familiar with colleagues and employees, and integrated within the social environment
  • Become familiar with the unit leadership and management system, as well as relevant administrative routines
  • Become familiar with special conditions within the physical and mental working environment
  • Be ensured follow-up during the trial period

All new employees at the University shall complete the program, regardless of job category. For new employees who are temporarily employed for a short period and employees who change their workplace within the University, an assessment of which measures shall be completed / which information shall be provided shall be carried out.