Charter and Code at UiS

UiS signed already in 2011 for the Declaration of commitment to the Recommendation of the European Commission on the European Charter for researchers and the Code of Conduct for recruitment of Researcher (Charter & Code).

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Implementation of the Charter and Code at UiS

UiS committed by this; to ensure transparent recruitment processes and equal treatment of all applicants. The aim is to ensure fair conditions for researchers, with the clear intention to contribute to the advancement of the European Research Area.

Norwegian legislation, UiS practice comply with the 40 recommended principles in the Charter & Code concerning the responsibilities and obligations of researchers and their employers in relation to the four areas in Charter & Code:

  • Ethical and Professional conditions
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Working conditions
  • Research and career development

Internal Review for Renewal Assessment: revised Action plan

Each action point, described in the action plan (pdf), has a target date and a person responsible. The action plan will be an important document for starting the necessary internal processes to reach the targets for the actions points within the estimated deadlines.

It is important also to point out that these actions will be an ongoing process where quality development should be a continuous process. It is of high importance that the UiS Action Plan remains the key document where actions are evaluated and implemented in all necessary strategic plans to become the practice on daily basis at UiS.

UiS Charter & Code Task Force

The “UiS Charter & Code Task Force” has been led by the HR department with members from the The Research department.

A group of stakeholders including the Vice Rector, Director of the Research, the HR Director, researchers and academic staff has provided information input and commented on the reports.

The action points and principles of the Charter & Code have been communicated in forums throughout the institution and acknowledged by senior management as an important part of the strategy for the internationalisation of UiS.