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He has 3D printed a training model for spinal anesthesia

Øyvind Time's master's thesis can help make everyday life easier for healthcare personnel who have to learn how to take ...

Energy students awarded for their efforts

Repsol awarded a total of four prizes and NOK 120,000 to master students at University of Stavanger.

UiS ends institutional cooperation with Israel

The UiS board discussed Israel at its meeting on 6 June 2024.

Supportive leaders make employees more satisfied and engaged

A recent collaboration between Lyse and researchers at the UiS School of Business and Law has proven to be highly benefi...

Nominate for the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award

The objective of the award is to promote outstanding presentation and community involvement at the University of Stavang...

He is Energy Professional of the Year

Reidar Bratvold won the prize as Energy Professional of the Year at the SPE gala.

Kathy Lette traced her roots at UiS

When the world-renowned writer Kathy Lette traced her roots in the Australian TV program "Who Do You Think You Are?", sh...

Students at UiS Partner with Industry to Tackle Environmental Challenge

In a remarkable demonstration of applied learning and industry collaboration, master's students from the UiS School of B...

Eight million for research project on populism in the Nordic region

In February, the Research Council of Norway announced funding for research projects for young talents. The upper funding...

Successful UiS Aerospace rocket launch

The UiS Aerospace rocket launch took place successfully 27 April in Helleland.

A new one-year program in Business and Management is popular among this year's applicants.

The new one-year program in Business and Management at the University of Stavanger, School of Business and Law, was very...

Solving offshore wind challenges in Norway

How can we build wind installations in the sea with the least possible environmental impact? That was the task for 38 EC...

Highlights from the first UiS Petro-Games

In a riveting showcase of industry knowledge and teamwork, the inaugural UiS Petro-Games competition proved to be a reso...

Lykketreff - a meeting between students and businesses

Master's students at the Department of Media and Social Sciences have the opportunity to do an internship through an ele...

Kaleidoscope - a successful festival from the SV faculty

The SV Faculty organised Kaleidoscope for the first time this week. A great festival day with good content at Sølvberget...

Prestigious grant for research in medieval English

Professor Merja Stenroos has been awarded the most prestigious grant from the EU, the European Research Council (ERC) Ad...

Innovation projects receive seed funding from HelseCampus

Four projects which all aim to contribute to a sustainable healthcare service have been awarded seed funding from HelseC...

Ola Kvaløy Appointed to Committee on Circular Economy

The government is establishing an expert group to examine measures for reducing resource use and contributing to a more ...

Global State of Patient Safety 2023 – Supporting Leaders

At a time when healthcare is at a crossroads, the "Global State of Patient Safety 2023 – Supporting Leaders" seminar hos...

Oslo University Hospital is a new partner in SHARE

As a new partner, Section for Acute and Pre-hospital care at Oslo University Hospital strengthens research on prehospita...

Kaleidoskop - a festival from The Faculty of Social Sciences

Kaleidoskop is a festival that focuses on important events, life changes and critical perspectives. By presenting differ...

Chamber music competition 2024

Welcome to the Faculty of Performing Arts annual chamber music competition. The competition takes place on Friday 22 Ma...

Join a writing group for master's students

The library organises writing groups for students writing a master's thesis.

Sustainability research is now available to everyone

A new service that makes it easier for anyone to find and read Norwegian research related to the UN’s sustainable develo...

- This is my favorite place on campus

UiS student Camilla Sleire has found her favorite place.

Doctoral thesis on how students' mindsets affect learning outcomes

Elin Svensen defended her Ph.D. in sociology, social work, culture, and society at the Faculty of Social Sciences on Dec...

New one-year program in Business and Management

Interested in trying out business studies? Now you can take a one-year program in business and management at the Univers...

What influences nurses' career choices?

Leaders who support, listen to, and value their staff are extremely important for nurses' ambitions regarding further ca...

New evidence for quark matter cores in massive neutron stars

Researchers at the University of Stavanger are now one step closer to finding out what is in the core of neutron stars. ...

Together for a Sustainable Future of Quality and Safety

SHARE - Center for Resilience in Healthcare recently hosted an international seminar titled “The future of quality and s...

New research project: What creates good cooperation between kindergartens and multilingual parents?

What factors make the relationship work well between the kindergarten and multilingual parents? A forthcoming, systemati...

Associate professor of KCE appointed new member of editorial board

Melissa Bond, associate professor 2 at the Knowledge Center for Education, has been appointed as a member of the editori...

Fire in Student accommodations

Students have been affected by the fire that occurred in the student accommodations at Stareveien in Sandal Sunday, Dece...

Gathering International Researchers at Sola

SHARE – Center for Resilience in Healthcare at UiS is hosting Resilient Health Care Society’s summer conference at Sola ...

Researching the unnoticed connections between petroculture and cultural heritage

Professor Dolly Jørgensen has won funding to research the links between cultural heritage and petrocultures and their co...

Renowned archaeologist David Wengrow holds the first Henrik Steffens Lecture

The University of Stavanger is proud to announce the launch of a new annual lecture series, the Henrik Steffens Lecture....

Students competed for the best consulting report.

Once again this year, students in the course "Economics of Motivation" had the opportunity to work as consultants in t...

New rights retention strategy gives researchers greater rights

The University of Stavanger has introduced a new rights retention strategy for employees in order to achieve the goal of...

Bringing the world's largest conference on bullying to Norway

The world's largest anti-bullying conference, the World Anti-Bullying Forum, will be held in Stavanger, Norway, in 2025....

Bettina Ebert has received eight million NOK to research medieval adhesives

Conservator Bettina Ebert at the Museum of Archaeology has been awarded eight million by the Research Council of Norway....


Disputation for Mohsen Taheri Shalemani

Mon. 24.06.2024


UiS, Kjølv Egelands Hus

Disputation for Pouya Khalili

Tue. 25.06.2024


UiS, Kjølv Egelands Hus

Enhancing technical and safety integrity to mitigate unwanted events and accidents

Fri. 28.06.2024



Shut up & write for PhDs

Thu. 04.07.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, Studieverkstedet

Opening Ceremony for the Start of Studies

Mon. 12.08.2024


Fadderteltet, campus Ullandhaug

Information meeting: Outbound exchange spring 2025

Tue. 20.08.2024


Digital meeting in Teams

Symposium: The Middle Ages in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Relevance, Reimagination, Inspiration

Thu. 22.08 09:00

fri. 23.08 16:30

Archaeological Museum, University of Stavanger, Peder Klows gate 31A, Stavanger, Norway

Drop-in: Outbound exchange spring 2025

Mon. 26.08.2024


Kitty Kiellands Hus
KK-S344 Sommernatt

Application deadline: Outbound exchange spring 2025

Sun. 01.09.2024



Introduction to Zotero

Tue. 03.09.2024


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Information meeting: Students who have applied for outbound exchange spring 2025

Tue. 03.09.2024


Digital meeting in Teams

UiS School of Business and Law Seminar: Moral Balancing

Wed. 04.09.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

Webinar: Introduction to Rayyan

Wed. 11.09.2024


Language: English

Webinar: Introduction to NVivo

Thu. 12.09.2024


Language: English

SAIL x Baseline Hackathon

Fri. 13.09 15:00

sun. 15.09 13:00

Kjølv Egelands Hus, University of Stavanger

Webinar: Introduction to Zotero

Tue. 17.09.2024


Language: English

Crash Course Academic Writing for Students Writing in English

Tue. 17.09.2024


University library
KE A-204

The Norwegian psychometric gathering

Thu. 19.09 11:00

fri. 20.09 13:00

University of Stavanger

Introduction to Zotero

Mon. 23.09.2024


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

KÅKÅnomics 2024

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


Norway Summit 2024 – The Next Move

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


Webinar: Introduction to Rayyan (NO)

Wed. 13.11.2024



18th International Workshop on Behavioural Science Applied to Healthcare

Fri. 29.11 09:00

sat. 30.11 17:00

University of Stavanger