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Caring Futures Art Exhibition

Sat. 17.09 14:00

sun. 18.12 19:00

Sølvberget, Stavanger

The Singers' Christmas Concert

Sun. 11.12.2022


Skur 2 - Skansekaien 23, 4006 Stavanger

Disputation for Andrzej Tadeusz Tunkiel

Mon. 12.12.2022


Arne Rettedals Hus

Disputation for Katherine Beltran Jimenez

Wed. 14.12.2022


Arne Rettedals hus

A Framework for Asset Sentered Servizitation based on Micro-services

Wed. 14.12.2022


Hybrid meeting, digital and at
room: KE D-223

Researcher Breakfast: Open science: New requirements and new opportunities!

Thu. 15.12.2022


University Library, Ullandhaug

Disputation for Muhammad Naseer

Fri. 16.12.2022


Arne Rettedals hus

Universitetets julekonsert 2022

Fri. 16.12.2022


St. Petri kirke

Hagit Yakira Dance - PSYCHE

Sat. 17.12.2022


Galleri Opdahl

Book launch: Inspirational Women in Academia

Tue. 20.12.2022



Introduction to Zotero

Mon. 23.01.2023


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Introduction to EndNote

Wed. 25.01.2023


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Webinar: Introduction to Rayyan

Tue. 31.01.2023


Zoom: Sign up required
Language: English

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 01.02.2023


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

Webinar: Introduction to EndNote

Tue. 07.02.2023


Language: English

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 08.02.2023


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

Webinar: Introduction to Zotero

Tue. 14.02.2023


Language: English

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 15.02.2023


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 22.02.2023


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

Introduction to EndNote

Thu. 09.03.2023


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Energy Norway 2023

Mon. 13.03 09:00

wed. 15.03 16:00

University of Stavanger

Introduction to Zotero

Thu. 16.03.2023


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Olympiad in Engineering Science – OES 2023

Tue. 23.05 10:00

fri. 26.05 16:00

Aldemar Olympian Village, Greece

NIKT 2023

Mon. 27.11 09:00

thu. 30.11 16:00

University of Stavanger

Latest updates

– UiS ticked all the boxes for an appropriate international master's program

Syed Aqib Ali is taking the MSc in Business Administration at UiS Business School. He patted himself on the shoulder for...

The library is closed due to detection of asbestos

The University library at Ullandhaug is closed due to detection of asbestos in the building. The library still offers li...

– To get the opportunity to publish our own research means a lot

Two master students from UiS Business School have got their research published in an international journal

Students learns about motivation through working as consultants

In Economics of Motivations at UiS Business School, students participated in a case competition as consultants. The winn...

MSc students brought their case studies to a wind farm

– It was perfect that we could go out and see it with our own eyes, says Professor Gorm Kipperberg.

– This is an excellent achievement for our master' students

Three master students from UiS Business School are one of two finalists in the international marketing competition DMC.

It is not too late to give your opinion on the quality of your study program

The deadline has been postponed till November 21. Therefore all those in their second, third or fifth year of study can...

Deeply moved by the stories of Iranian employees and students

Iranian students and staff talking about the current situation in Iran and how it affects them personally, made a profou...

Noise and closed library due to renovations

Parts of Ullandhaug library is not available due to renovation work.

Bringing together stakeholders in care technology

In the end of September, Health Campus Stavanger, in collaboration with the Caring Futures research project invited rese...

Calls for more international research collaboration

Professor Stephen Billett from Griffith University Australia, is involved in several of SHARE – Centre for Resilience in...

– The expertise you get through the MSc in Business Administration gives a good foundation for any job in economics and finance

Marie Larsen Gellein has taken three degrees at UiS Business School. After taken the MSc in Business Administration, she...

Discussing the relationality between people and technology

This is a theme of interest to both the author Cathrine Knudsen and the artist Kari Telstad Sundet. The event, Science F...

A grand opening

After a long and close collaboration, Ingvil Hellstrand (UiS) and curator Hege Tapio were able to deliver their opening ...

Andrea Minto is promoted to professor in Law

The academic environment in the Department of Accounting and Law at UiS Business School is strengthening.

Research-Norway needs international students

Op-Ed Columnist: We believe that master's students are our youngest researchers. We are therefore very worried that we w...

Won Innovation Award for master's students

On the 25th of October 2022, Izwan Ahmad was awarded the 2022 Innovation Awards for master’s students by Rogaland county...

Complete 'Studiebarometeret' and let us know what you think!

Are you in your 2nd, 3rd or 5th year of study? Remember to respond to 'Studiebarometeret' by November 14.

KÅKÅ|nomics 2022: The biggest and most fun economic festival in the Nordic countries!

KÅKÅ|nomics 2022 is arranged from October 26. to October 29. in Stavanger. UiS Business School is a partner and co-organ...

Award winner visited the Faculty of Health Sciences

Rosalynn Austin from the University of Southampton visited the Department of Public Health to discuss health promotion f...

Welcome to the annual celebration at UiS

Join us for a festive ceremony in Tjodhallen with doctoral promotions, awards, and cake!

Learn about clean energy and the green transition at UiS's new conference

UiS Business Schools' «Clean Energy Law and Economics Conference» is a new yearly conference in Stavanger that will expl...

Questions and answers about the situation in Iran

Marianne Hafnor Bøe, Professor in Religious Studies, Department of Cultural Studies and Languages, UiS, explains what is...

This invention produces electricity from marine and riverine currents

Researchers at UiS have developed an energy converter that creates electricity from sea currents and river flows.

Classes and events at the library

The library hosts many classes and events that are open to all students and staff at UiS. Why not drop by the library?

Serinha thought her new master's degree at UiS sounded futuristic

Serinha Murgorgo was looking for an international degree in innovation and chose UiS Business School. – Business develop...

– It is amazing to have Eric Bettinger giving a course here at UiS

He is one of the foremost RCTs experts and has again taught PhD-students from all over Europe at UiS.

Research meets art in new exhibition

The CARING FUTURES ART EXHIBITION takes place at Galleri Sølvberget 17 September –18 December 2022. The exhibition raise...

New research centre at UiS: The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse was established as a research group in 2017 and quickly distinguished itself worldwide as a leading prof...

Start-up company want the students' solutions

Ashley Moran participated in several InGenious challenges as a student at UiS. Now she is returning to the university wi...

Silje Haus-Reve is promoted to tenure

It is impressive how she has qualified for tenure through this demanding tenure-track in a short amount of time, says De...

Two intensive MSc years have got an extra intensive and educational start

To be best prepared for two demanding years, the master's program in Business Administration at UiS Business School has ...

ONS 2022

August 29 - September 1

Ola Kvaløy is awarded with The Leadership Quarterly Best Article Award

The award comes from one of the worlds leading journals on management research.

One of the world's foremost experts in econometrics taught PhD students

Professor in economics Magne Mogstad from the University of Chicago taught econometrics to PhD students from all over Eu...

5000 new students welcomed to UiS!

Filled with excitement and big expectations thousands of new students flocked to the university campus on Ullandhaug Mon...

Mari Rege will lead an expert group for children in poverty

The new expert group appointed by the Norwegian government is led by Mari Rege, an economics professor at UiS Business S...

Welcome to the library!

We hope that you will use the library and the services that we offer.

Gathers international researchers at the University of Stavanger

SHARE – Center for Resilience in Healthcare is hosting an international quality and safety in healthcare seminar at Ydal...

How to be a student?

Welcome! Student starter kit covers some of the most common questions students wonder about.