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The XVth Quark confinement and the Hadron spectrum conference

Mon. 01.08 09:00

sat. 06.08 12:00

University of Stavanger

Official semester opening ceremony 2022

Mon. 15.08.2022


Fadderområdet på campus Ullandhaug

Opening ceremony on Campus Bjergsted

Tue. 16.08.2022


Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag, Bjergsted 1

SHARE’s international quality and safety in healthcare seminar: “Learning across countries and sectors”

Wed. 24.08.2022


Ydalir Campus Hotel: Telegrafdirektør Heftyes vei 99, 4021 Stavanger

How can companies benefit from the master thesis projects?

Wed. 24.08.2022


Most likely at UiS

6th Stavanger Behavioral Economics and Finance Workshop

Thu. 25.08 09:00

fri. 26.08 15:45

University of Stavanger Business School
EOJ house

Startup Booster Fall 2022 - sign up now!

Mon. 29.08 00:00

tue. 08.11 20:00

UiS Lyspæren

Academic Writing

Tue. 30.08.2022


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Fighting pandemics with enhanced risk communication

Mon. 12.09.2022


Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel

Webinar: Introduction to Rayyan

Wed. 14.09.2022


Zoom: Sign up required
Language: English

Introduction to Zotero

Wed. 14.09.2022


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Introduction to NVivo

Thu. 15.09.2022


The Data Lab
KE A-259

Introduction to LaTeX

Thu. 15.09.2022


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Caring Futures Art Exhibition

Sat. 17.09 09:00

sun. 27.11 19:00

Sølvberget, Stavanger

Introduction to EndNote

Mon. 19.09.2022


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Learning Environment Committee meeting 21.09.2022

Wed. 21.09.2022


Arne Rettedals hus, Campus Ullandhaug
AR T-401 (Styrerom)

Webinar: Introduction to Zotero

Mon. 26.09.2022


Language: English

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 28.09.2022


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

Academic Writing

Tue. 04.10.2022


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 05.10.2022


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

Webinar: Introduction to LaTeX

Fri. 07.10.2022


Language: English

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 12.10.2022


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

Introduction to Zotero

Tue. 18.10.2022


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 19.10.2022


The University Library
For students/staff at UiS

The 44th Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Association of Economists - 2022

Tue. 25.10 09:00

wed. 26.10 15:00

Universitetet i Stavanger, Arne Rettedals hus

Seminar at UiS – War Economy

Wed. 26.10.2022


Universitetet i Stavanger

Webinar: Introduction to EndNote desktop

Tue. 01.11.2022


Language: English

PhD Skills Course: Career planning and development

Tue. 15.11.2022


The Data Lab

Learning Environment Committee meeting 16.11.2022

Wed. 16.11.2022


Hybridmøte (styrerom og nettmøte)
AR T-401 (Styrerom)

Webinar: Introduction to NVivo

Wed. 16.11.2022


Language: English

PhD Skills Course: How to plan your PhD

Tue. 06.12.2022



Latest updates

Marte C.W. Solheim is a new Professor in Innovation Studies

Marte Cecilie Wilhelmsen Solheim is promoted to Professor in Innovation Studies at UiS Business School. Her research com...

Publication Prize for Professor Kenneth Wathne

Professor of Marketing at UiS Business School, Kenneth Henning Wathne, has received the publication prize of the most em...

New team for Reading Research Quarterly

Four editors representing four countries to helm flagship journal.

Anders Åkerman is new Professor of Economics at UiS

Anders Åkerman is promoted to Professor of Economics at UiS Business School. He is mainly working on issues related to t...

Summer opening hours at the library

All of the libaries staffing- and opening hours for the summer 2022.

First gas turbine powered by pure hydrogen

Researchers at the University of Stavanger (UiS) have managed to run a gas turbine on 100 percent hydrogen.

Digital home follow-up - challenges and opportunities

The research project eHealth@hospital-2-home arranged a seminar at The Faculty of Health Sciences at UiS. It was held in...

Dengjun Zhang is the new Professor of Accounting

Dengjun Zhang is promoted to professor of accounting at the UiS Business School. His recent research focuses on economic...

Problems with Oria and other library services

A serious error with the service provider, Sikt, is causing issues with different library services.

Research needed on the role of parents in cyber bullying

The PARTICIPATE Project has been awarded NOK 6 million for research on cyber bullying and the role of the parent. "More ...

Celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day with UiS!

Join the public celebration in Bjergsted with rector Klaus Mohn, enjoy free Constitution Day lunch at Folken and wave fl...

UiS accelerating the green transition: UiS side conference at Nordic Edge 2022

On Wednesday May 11, you can hear about our activities and how we work with regional stakeholders to accelerate the gree...

Hongyan Shi is a new professor in Marketing

As a new professor at UiS Business School, Hongyan Shi wants to help students build their skills in decision-making.

Drop-in help with writing and citations

At the library you can get drop-in help with references and citations, and with academic writing.

UiS researchers carry out project for the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision

Sina Furnes Øyri and Inger Johanne Bergerød have been awarded a contract research project on a nationwide supervision of...

2.5 Million NOK to Refugee Researchers

The University of Stavanger has allocated 2.5 million NOK in earmarked grants to Ukrainian researchers fleeing due to th...

UiS expresses support for Ukraine

The University of Stavanger wholeheartedly supports the condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Contribution to the Swedish Corona Commission

The Swedish Corona Commission released its report on February 24. Associate professor Anders Åkerman at UiS Business Sch...

How can we meet the rapid growth in internationalisation at Norwegian universities?

There have been heated exchanges on Twitter and in Khrono about last autumn’s debate on internationalisation. This recen...

The internationalisation of Norwegian academia - where do we go next?

How do we want the international Norwegian academia to look in the future; in 10 years, in 20 years? Watch the debate li...

UiS strengthens its European ambitions

University of Stavanger continues its collaboration with the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) netwo...

Removal of infection prevention measures at the library

On Saturday Febuary 12, the government removed all regulatory measures against covid-19, including mandatory use of face...

UiS hands out rapid tests on campus

UiS now hands out rapid tests to students and staff who have symptoms of Covid-19, or who are defined as “other close co...

Drop-in vaccine on campus Ullandhaug

Do you need to get vaccinated? The vaccine bus is parked outside Arne Rettedal's house on Wednesday 19 January and Wedne...

Researchers at the UiS Business School and the Centre for Innovation Research are among the most cited researchers in the world

Several researchers from the UiS Business School feature in two different rankings of the world's most cited researchers...

The UiS Business School and the Centre for Innovation Research are participating in a new circular bioeconomy initiative in Western Norway

The Research Council of Norway is awarding NOK 28 million to a project entitled Biocircle: Increased Innovation Capacity...

Drop-in vaccine on campus Ullandhaug

Do you need to be vaccinated? The vaccine bus arrives on Tuesday 11 January between 1 pm and 6 pm.

Welcome to the library!

We hope that you will use the library and the services that we offer.

Funding for new research project on intestinal diseases

University of Stavanger (UiS) and Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) will work together to find solutions for patients ...

Competence sharing price 2021 awarded Marte C. W. Solheim

Associate Professor and Head of Centre for Innovation Research, Marte C. W. Solheim at the University of Stavanger Busin...

2.8 million for safer and more environmentally friendly offshore waste management

A new collaboration project for further development of a more environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of dri...

New project will enable faster development of offshore wind

The Research Council allocates NOK 28 million to the ImpactWind Sørvest project, led by NORCE. UiS is an important resea...

New centre for sustainable subsurface utilization

University of Stavanger with partners have been awarded the National Centre for Sustainable Utilization of Energy Resour...

Planned power outage at the library on Tuesday Dec 14

Due to a planned power outage in Kjølv Egelands house the Ullandhaug library will close between 6-8 am on Tuesday Decemb...

Dissertation on policy instruments for entrepreneurs

Founder and entrepreneur Murshid M. Ali defended his dissertation for the Ph.D. degree in Management, Economics, and Tou...

As of 16 December, all exams will be home exams, with the exception of 6 exams at Teknat. Check Canvas regularly.

Updated 16 December 2021: From 16 December, all exams will be home exams, but with 6 exceptions at the Faculty of Scienc...

Students got to try themselves as consultants

In the course "Economics of Motivation" the students get to try themselves as consultants in working life to test theori...

The library is closing due to planned power outage

Due to a planned power outage in Kjølv Egelands house the library will close at 7.30 pm on Friday November 26.

The IOR Centre from an industry perspective

A total of 12 companies are on the list of the industry partners of The National IOR Centre of Norway. Chair of Board Th...