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Infection control of UiS printers

The IT department is now in the process of mounting an antibacterial film on all printers at UiS.

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Events, counselling and mental health

Join our hackathon

Future Energy and Autonomy Hackathon 1-3 Oct.

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Exams, exchange, student guidance...

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Opening hours, cafes, health, campus map...

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Exercise with SiS on Wednesdays

Wed. 25.08 13:30

wed. 06.10 15:00

Campus Ullandhaug - meet outside Kitty Kiellands hus

It’s tomorrow at Nordic Edge Expo

Mon. 20.09 08:00

thu. 23.09 14:00


Smart City Research Symposium

Wed. 22.09.2021


Hotel Victoria

Young Researchers' Night

Fri. 24.09.2021



Webinar in Python

Mon. 27.09.2021



Introduction to EndNote

Tue. 28.09.2021


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Future Energy and Autonomy Hackathon

Fri. 01.10 15:00

sun. 03.10 19:00

Lyspæren Innovasjonshus

Introduction to EndNote

Mon. 04.10.2021



Workshop in NVivo

Tue. 05.10.2021


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

LaTeX 2: LaTeX Advanced

Wed. 06.10.2021


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Food for thought: Stress and relaxation

Wed. 06.10.2021


Kitty Kjellands hus

Introduction to Zotero

Thu. 07.10.2021


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Introduction to Tableau

Mon. 25.10.2021


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Introduction to EndNote

Tue. 26.10.2021


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Food for thought: Self-compassion

Wed. 27.10.2021


Kitty Kjellands hus

Introduction to Zotero

Fri. 29.10.2021


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Food for thought: Sleep

Wed. 03.11.2021


Kitty Kjellands hus

Campus Bjergsted

Practical information for students at Faculty for Performing Arts

Campus Ullandhaug

Campus guide


Extended opening hours at the library

From Monday September 20th the Ullandhaug library is open from 8 am to 10 pm Monday to Friday.

Remember to get your vaccine!

Everyone who studies in Stavanger can get a covid-19 vaccine in the Stavanger municipality. It is very important that yo...

Getting to the vaccination centres

Do you want to take the covid-19 vaccine, but wonder how to get to the vaccination centres in Stavanger and Sandnes by b...

Public transport

If you have to use public transport, please note that as of September 1 it is compulsory to wear a face mask.

Students still to go into quarantine

Unvaccinated students must go into quarantine if defined as a close contact. Unlike primary and higher secondary school ...

How to register seating in lecture rooms and book reading room seats

Students can register their seats in our lecture rooms and book places in our reading rooms. This way we can limit the n...

Welcome to the library!

We hope that you will use the library and the services that we offer.

Innovation Award for Master´s Students 2021

To promote increased innovation in the region, Rogaland County Council has established a prize for master's students in ...

Semester start on Campus Bjergsted

Here you will find information about semester start, fadder events, opening ceremony and much more!

MAKE A REAL IMPACT: Join international teams to solve real-life challenges!

Challenges are back! For the autumn semester we invite UiS students to join ECIU University challenges and micro-modules...

Eight simple pieces of advice: How to study smartly

You can secure your dream job by completing a course of study with good grades. Here you will learn how to work efficien...

Become a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Master programme in Prehospital Critical care is looking for motivated students who want to combine their studies wi...

UiS set to enter Stage 2 in its reopening plan

On Monday 31 May, the UiS will be entering into Stage 2 of its reopening plan. Below you will find the corona regulation...

Official semester opening ceremony 2021

Welcome to Stavanger and UiS - both new and not so new students!

2winners Board Members Selection

2winners is now searching for suitable candidates for the next board members.

Master's students at the Faculty of Social Sciences can now apply for publishing scholarship

A publishing scholarship of 45 000 NOK may be yours if you want to write an article version of your master's thesis.

New course offer on health in humanitarian crisis

UiS is collaborating with VID Specialized University on a new course to provide students with concepts and perspectives ...

Internships with 2winners

2winners is a student group initiated by Diku-Eurasia Project «EduInd4.0» to encourage students to build their first dig...

Useful resources in Canvas

The library does not currently offer any classes due to exam season. However, you can still find useful resources about ...

Nominate for the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award

The objective of the prize is to promote outstanding presentation and community involvement at the University of Stavang...

New infection prevention measures at the library

Due to new infection prevention measures from the Norwegian government, there will be new infection prevention guideline...

The Education and Learning Environment Award 2021

Which environments or persons at the University of Stavanger have succeeded in the facilitation of the academic learning...

Who deserves the Enthusiasm Award?

Do you know of a person, organisation or line association that has contributed to improving the student environment at U...

Message from the rector: Keep your distance!

We have partially reopened campus, and that's wonderful! All the more reason not to get lax about infection control prec...

Writers’ Night is over – download the presentations

Writers’ Night was a success with a total of 824 participants. Download presentations about searching, citing, and acade...

Want to visit the library?

The library is open, but all visitors must keep a distance of 1 meter or use a facemask.

A former student’s experience with MFamily: - We became like a family

Two years, up to four different countries, several class committees, two births and a pandemic. The MFamily class of 202...

The Covid-19 pandemic and outbound exchange in the autumn semester 2021

Important information for those of you who are going on an exchange this autumn.

The Covid-19 pandemic and outbound exchange in the spring semester 2022

Important information for students going on an exchange.

COVID-19 pandemic information for inbound exchange students

New information about the COVID-19 pandemic for inbound exchange students will be published here.

New coronavirus measures at UiS

Campuses will remain open, but new measures and recommendations will be introduced to curb the spread of coronavirus. Th...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

How will studies be conducted in autumn 2021? What is the current infection control precautions? On this page you will f...

School exams are converted to home exams

All school exams are converted to home exams autumn semester 2020

Course evaluations autumn 2020

The course evaluations for the autumn semester 2020 is now open!