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Updated coronavirus information at UiS

UiS is open to students, staff and visitors, in compliance with existing infection control precautions

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The new infection control measures mean that the IT department must change a little in the way we provide our support.

As of Thursday 25 March, the following applies:

- The main rule is that we help via email, telephone (51 83 30 00) and remote control of computers

- If all other troubleshooting does not work, and our employees conclude that we must physically inspect the computer, an appointment has to be made for attendance at the IT service desk.

- When attending the IT service desk, everyone should wear a face mask, and disinfect hands and surfaces that are to be touched (computer etc).If the person requesting help does not want to comply with this, we can not provide help and the visitor is asked to leave the IT service desk.

- The same as above applies to AV support or help with printouts and other things that require personnel from the IT department to meet on site. Everyone should wear a face mask and disinfect their hands and surfaces of equipment before the work begins, otherwise we can not provide help.

In this situation, things will necessarily take a little more time than in a normal situation. We ask for understanding for this, and remind that the measures are taken to protect both students and employees at UiS from infection and disease




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Network upgrade in the Ellen og Axel Lunds building from Tuesday 6th to Sunday 11th April

This upgrade will shut down both the cabled and wireless network in the entire building. Wirless network can be found in all the other buildings.


Kick-off for Health Hackathon 2021

Fri. 23.04.2021


Digitalt arrangement

EndNote Question Time

Tue. 27.04.2021



Health Hackathon

Tue. 27.04 15:00

wed. 28.04 21:00

UiS, Lyspæren

Opposites Attract

Thu. 29.04.2021


Sandnes kulturhus

Opposites Attract

Fri. 30.04.2021


Sandnes kulturhus

Examination Preparatory Concert with Wind Students 2

Wed. 26.05.2021


1301, Bjergsted

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