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The main library at Ullandhaug Is open 24/7 for students and staff. Find opening hours for all our library branches.


Phone number: 51 83 11 00

Stavanger University Library is a modern library and a great meeting place. You are welcome to read, work on assignments, or participate in events and courses at the library. Learn more about the library.

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Joanna offers students free guidance at the library

Joanna sought help from a student mentor when she struggled with her own bachelor's thesis. Now she helps other students...

- We will continue to run the country's best library

Rune Sørsdal has been hired as the new library director at Stavanger University Library.

Syllabus books are now available for one-day loans

Syllabus books for one-day loans will be found on separate shelves, making it easier to find the book you are looking fo...

The library is open 24/7 again

On 6 February the library reopened.

Deeply moved by the stories of Iranian employees and students

Iranian students and staff talking about the current situation in Iran and how it affects them personally, made a profou...

Classes and events at the library

The library hosts many classes and events that are open to all students and staff at UiS. Why not drop by the library?

Welcome! Student starter kit published

How to be a student? Welcome! Student starter kit covers some of the most common questions students wonder about.

Are you using Zotero? Update is now available

The citation management software Zotero has released a new update and Zotero 6 is now available.

More people are using Tik Tok during corona

In 2020 the use of social media platforms like Tik Tok increased in all Nordic countries. Find more statistics and repor...

The first dataset is published in UiS Open Research Data

Janine Anne Campbell is the first researcher to publish in the UiS archive for open research data.

Useful resources in Canvas

The library does not currently offer any classes due to exam season. However, you can still find useful resources about ...

What TV show was the most pirated in 2016? Find out with Statista!

Statista gives you an overview of statistical data from the media, finance, health, politics and more.

Special libraries

Bjergsted library

The library for the faculty of performing arts

Museum of Archaeology

The Library at the Museum of Archaeology (NO)

The SUS libraries

The Medical Library & The Psychiatric Library (NO)

Help with your subject


Book launch: Populism and Science in Europe

Wed. 31.05.2023


University of Stavanger Library, Kjølv Egeland House

Open access publishing and how to choose a journal

Wed. 21.06.2023


Møterom KE A-263

LaTeX 1: Introduction to LaTeX

Mon. 11.09.2023


University library, The Data Lab
KE A-259

Webinar: Introduction to EndNote

Tue. 12.09.2023


Language: English

LaTeX 2: LaTeX Advanced

Fri. 15.09.2023


University library, The Data Lab
KE A-259

LaTeX 2: LaTeX Advanced

Fri. 15.09.2023


University library, The Data Lab
KE A-259

Basics of Academic Writing: How to avoid plagiarism

Tue. 03.10.2023


Kjølv Egelands house

Introduction to EndNote

Wed. 18.10.2023


University library, the library course room
KE A-253

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