Joanna offers students free guidance at the library

Joanna sought help from a student mentor when she struggled with her own bachelor's thesis. Now she helps other students at the library.

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Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger
Joanna offers students guidance at the library.

Joanna Melby Myhre (23) is a master's student at the University of Stavanger and has a part-time job as a student mentor at the university library. At the library, she welcomes students who need help with exams, have questions about writing and citations, or simply need a little moral support.

Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger
- It's a great and rewarding job, Joanna says.

- A lot of students wants feedback on their thesis, Joanna says.

The 23-year-old is studying to become a lecturer with a major in history and has worked part-time in the library in recent years. It's a job she enjoys very much.

Need help with academic writing?

Do you want to keep the writing process going, exchange findings with others, and get feedback on your thesis? Get guidance in academic writing from our student mentors.

Students at the University of Stavanger can order guidance lessons from the study lab every semester.

If you book in advance, the student mentor will read through your thesis before the lesson, and they set aside 40 minutes for guidance and help. If you only have a couple of questions, you can come in and get guidance for 20 minutes without making an appointment in advance.

Stavanger University Library has employed six student mentors, and they describe it as a fantastic working environment.

- Everyone has become such good friends here, and we often have tutoring sessions together. It's a great and rewarding job, Joanna says.

Free guidance is available every Tuesday from 12 to 3 pm and every Thursday from 2 to 5 pm.

The Study Lab is currently located in the event area in the library at Ullandhaug. When you enter the library you will find the event area on your right side.

Learn more about The Study Lab at Stavanger University Library.