Strategy 2030 for the University of Stavanger

We will be an open and innovative university that demonstrates a high quality of education, research and artistic development work.

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Model of the UiS strategy

Mission, vision, profile and value

Our common direction will be guided by the responsibility for sustainable transition.
We will be characterised by a high level of well-being among students and staff.
Energy, health and welfare and learning for life constitute our areas of priority.

Societal mission

Our societal mission is higher education, research and artistic development work, dissemination and innovation. We have condensed this mission into our motto:

We will challenge the well-known and explore the unknown.

Universitety of Stavanger
Bølge på åpent hav

Vision: a driving force behind knowledge development and change

The University of Stavanger will have an innovative, international profile and be a driving force behind knowledge development and societal change processes.

Profile: an innovative university

Challenging, exploring and developing society makes us relevant and recognisable. Staff and students will work closely with the wider community in an internationally oriented and innovative region. We have a regional, national and global view throughout our academic activities, and our staff and students have an international outlook. UiS will prioritise student-active and innovative learning, high-quality teaching and activities relating to innovation and entrepreneurship. We will offer future-oriented education and critical, independent research of a high international standard, in which ideas are transformed into value creation for the individual and society.

Values: independent, involving and creative

Our core values will govern our interaction with students, staff and society. They will help us steer towards the achievement of our vision and our objectives as a university. The University of Stavanger is:


Students and staff will continuously interact with society and be a driving force behind the independent, critical quest for new knowledge. As an institution built on democratic and humanistic values, we uphold academic freedom and independent research, and promote ideals such as freedom of expression, integrity and equality. Through critical reflection and clear communication, staff and students will put important issues on the agenda and actively participate in the academic and social debate.


We value transparency and will involve students and people of the region in the academic community. We share our knowledge and expertise. Involving means our decisions rest on a wider knowledge base. Respect for each other’s differences and backgrounds creates an environment that fosters social and academic participation. Universal design will be a priority in our studies and our physical and digital learning environment. Diversity is valued as a resource in our learning environment.


We will push forward the boundaries of knowledge and skills. Creativity and innovative activity will define our scientific, artistic and administrative activities. We will promote the application of new knowledge and encourage wise decisions in the community and workplace. We will promote quality of life, good living conditions and sustainable development. Our courses of study will be formative journeys that develop the individual’s ability to think critically and make reflective life choices.

Strategic ambitions towards 2030

Green transition

UiS will contribute to the transitioning of society through research, artistic development, education and innovation.

Jærstrand sett frå lufta

We will help solve the major societal challenges of our time and facilitate more sustainable social development and new ways of managing resources.

We will

  • work with the public sector and trade and industry to facilitate a transitioning of the employment market and the development of new industries, and lay the foundation for a more sustainable and diverse society.
  • prioritise research that is directly related to sustainable development, and focus on interdisciplinary research collaborations that contribute to the green transition of society.
  • integrate sustainability goals into our educational programmes. Knowledge about sustainable development will build on interdisciplinary interaction to enable important transition skills for our candidates.
  • be an independent bridge builder between various actors in society. We will promote the sharing of knowledge and critical, constructive debate in order to contribute to a faster and more equitable transition.

Strategic ambitions towards 2030


UiS will take a leading role regarding research, education and innovation in the field of energy. Our expertise in technology, economics and the understanding of society will meet needs for transition of the energy supply.

Vindmøller sett frå lufta gjennom skylag

We will further develop our distinctive expertise through holistic and interdisciplinary knowledge production within the fields of energy research and education.

We will

  • build knowledge and expertise that can stimulate faster global transition of energy supplies into more sustainable energy solutions.
  • develop a broader energy profile using interdisciplinary perspectives to identify and solve the complex energy challenges facing the world.
  • be a driving force behind innovation and value creation in the energy field and be an attractive partner for the community and the employment sector.
Strategic ambitions towards 2030

Health and welfare

UiS will be a leading university regarding the development of future health and welfare services through innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Tre helsearbeidarar ved operasjonsbordet.

UiS will offer outstanding educational programmes in the fields of health and medicine, excellent research, artistic development work and collaboration that promotes quality of life and welfare throughout the entire life cycle. We will contribute to better health and welfare services.

We will

  • build knowledge that supports the welfare society of the future, and contribute to good public health through wide-ranging initiatives focusing on health and welfare research.
  • contribute to the development of interdisciplinary expertise that can meet the challenges associated with resource shortages and the increased need for health and welfare services.
  • develop technology and new methods to contribute to a future-oriented and sustainable health service. Interaction, safety and simulation in teaching will be important elements in our health initiative.
Strategic ambitions towards 2030

Learning for life

UiS will be a pioneer in the field of education by exploring and establishing new methods of interaction, both nationally and internationally.

Stavanger sett frå lufta ved innseglinga og bybroa

UiS will develop new knowledge about children and young people’s learning and learning environment. Through our candidates and partnerships with the field of practice, we will contribute to better quality in kindergartens and schools. We will prepare people for a society that is in constant change and offer relevant education for all phases of life. This includes knowledge about formation, democracy and cultural and historical understanding.

We will

  • improve the Norwegian education system through research, artistic development work, education and collaboration with authorities and fields of practice.
  • be known for flexible and popular educational programmes, and enter into national and international partnerships to ensure relevance for the community and the employment sector.
  • stimulate artistic development work and contribute to creative processes in society through innovation where art, culture and society meet.
Strategic ambitions towards 2030

An open university

UiS will be collaborative, generous and inclusive, and facilitate vibrant meeting places for critical reflection, formation and the sharing of knowledge.

Campus Ullandhaug ved campusdraget og grøne plenar

UiS will be an intellectual meeting place where barriers are broken down between different academic communities, and between ourselves and the world around us. We will be a culture bearer and a cultural explorer. Through courses of study, research, artistic development work and societal relations, we will challenge the well-known.

We will

  • be a leader in challenge-based education and research, where students, staff and external partners interact to solve real social challenges by reinforcing critical reflection and constructive debate.
  • make high-quality research and artistic development work widely accessible. Our educational programmes and research will be developed in close collaboration with other academic institutions, with the employment sector and cultural scene, NGOs and society in general.

share knowledge through collaboration and dissemination, both internally and externally. The university will be open and welcoming, including adapted infrastructure and digital solutions that ensure continuous accessibility.

Strategic ambitions towards 2030

A good learning and working environment

UiS will be a place where outstanding achievements among students and staff are supported by a good learning and working environment.

Studentar ved studieavslutning på UiS campus

UiS will be an attractive university to study and work at. Through a high level of quality in our core tasks, we will attract ambitious students and staff. We will develop a culture of interdisciplinary expertise and collaboration.

We will

  • ensure health-promoting learning and working environments through participant-led processes, academic and personal development and sustainable campus development.
  • develop digital arenas and physical meeting places that facilitate art, culture and interaction with society around us.
  • promote welfare for all students and stimulate students to actively engage with each other and in the development and management of the university.
In many ways the history of the University of Stavanger reflects the history of our city, and of our region.

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