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CIAM Hub for Human Capital and Organizational Development

In the modern knowledge economy the human capital of industrial organizations play defining roles for successes and failures.

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The current and future employees gradually emanate from Y2 generation, through social networks, and from highly computerized societies.

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The current and future employees gradually emanate from Y2 generation, through social networks, and from highly computerized societies.

On the other hand this is a period where the industry has to preoccupy with, diversity management, generation conflicts, multi-cultural environments, and mobile knowledge.

Also, all the industrial sectors face various challenges in terms of for instance; development of human capital, retention strategies, competitive recruitment, accountabilities and performance incentives, and more.

The human capital forum engages in those various challenging aspects that make a difference in industrial organizations in terms of competitivity and sustainability of business processes.

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HR hub focuses on competence in 2021

“The most important asset of any company is its employees” and “Without the competence of the people, there will be no sustainable development” .

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We have heard a lot of well formulated statements about importance of competence. But how well are we doing in exploiting, preserving, and developing the competence we have in a company? And how can we better understand and adapt to what is needed in the future?

Through a series of four workshops CIAM want to set focus on competence within companies and how to develop this in a sustainable way.

Due to the Covid19, the meeting series is postponed until 2021. Two meetings are already planned, and dates will be set as soon as we know how the situation develops.

Meeting 1: "Upskilling is urgent"

In our first meeting Anne-Lene Festervoll from PricewaterCooper AS will held an introduction to “Upskilling is urgent – how can we meet this challenge?”. In a world where the speed of change is constantly accelerating, we meet new challenges and requirements for competence to perform our work on a daily basis.

As a region with a main focus on an industry which is subject to cyclical changes, this is maybe even more pressing for us. As a consequence, the focus on development and upskilling of employees have never been more important. In this meeting, we will review findings from research on the topic related to Upskilling as well as have an interactive session where we discuss what this means for our region and our competence need for the future.

Date: TBA

Meeting 2: "Working with competence"

In the next meeting Kathrine Borsheim from National Oilwell Varco will participate and share views on how to work with competence.

Date: TBA