CIAM Members

As a member of CIAM, you will be part of a network of competent people who share the same professional interest as you.

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Becoming a member

You will get the opportunity to participate in discussions in the professional knowledge areas of your interest and get the opportunity to initiate student projects at your company. This can be at bachelor, master or PhD level.

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We offer two kinds of memberships:

  • Company membership, where any number of participants from the company can attend any CIAM event.
  • Individual membership is for those who work in a company which is not a member of CIAM. You can sign up as personal member and get access, exactly like company members.

For more information about CIAM membership, please contact us at


Moreld Apply

MORELD APPLY is a leading multi-discipline engineering company, specializing in contracts across all project phases - from concept development and studies to completion and commissioning.

We offer a range of services covering operations, maintenance and modifications of oil and gas production facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). For more information about Apply, please visit their website:


ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS is one of the largest foreign operators on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Headquartered in Tananger outside Stavanger, the company has around 1800 employees. The company's core activities in Norway are petroleum exploration and production. For more information about ConocoPhillips, please visit their website:

Dalane Energi

Electricity supplier for private and business customers focusing also on innovative projects.

Dalene Energi logo

An affordable electricity supplier for private and business customers throughout Norway with personal customer contact and available customer service. We offer professional advice in energy saving measures and energy efficiency. Read more here (in norwegian only)


DNV is an international company within quality assurance and risk management with headquarters in Norway

DNV logo

For more information about DNV, please visit their website:

Eigersund Næring og Havn KF

The goal of organization is to ensure that the municipality of Eigersund has a competitive, sustainable and coordinated work towards industry.

The organization has three main focal areas: harbour, industry and tourism. Please visit our website


As operator, Gassco is responsible for safe and efficient gas transport from the Norwegian continental shelf and will be a leading gas transporter in Europe.

Gassco logo

For more information about Gassco, please visit thei website:


The IKM group is a multidiscipline sub supplier to the oil and gas industry.

IKM logo

We will be the largest, most complete, competitive service provider, in the energy sector.

Find out more on the company website


From idea to product and smarter production

Our main business areas are CAM, CAD, document control (PDM), and HR/competence management. Here we deliver user mapping, software, implementation, training, and follow-up.

For more information about the company, please visit their website:

Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil)

The Havtil is a government supervisory and administrative agency with regulatory responsibility for safety, the working environment, emergency preparedness and security on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Havindustritilsynet logo

The Havtil is located at the University of Stavanger Campus Ullandhaug. For more information about the PSA, please visit their website:


Oceaneering provides value-adding technologies and solutions that focuses on maximizing value.

Oceaneeing logo

Their solutions can improve efficiency, save costs and improve health, safety and environment for offshore operations. For more information about Oceaneering AS, please visit their website:


Petrolink operates platforms, subsea installations and floating production units offshore, oil and gas terminals onshore, refineries and process plants including power plants and carbon capture facilities.

Petrolink logo

For more information about the company, please visit their website:


Ramboll is a global architecture, engineering, and consultancy company, delivering expertise and sustainable solutions to clients and partners.

Ramböll logo

For more information about the company, please visit their website:

Svåheia Eiendom

Svåheia is today a well-established industrial area with landfill and handling area for municipal waste. The rest of the area has great potential for new businesses that will establish or develop sustainable businesses, as part of the circular economy.

Svåheia eiendom logo

For more information about the company, please visit their website:

NMI Group

The NMI Group develops products and offers solutions with idea development, design, production, assembly, testing, and documentation.

NMI group logo

For more information about the company, please visit their website:


The consultants in Proactima go to work every day to make a difference for society and our customers. Proactima consultants have the specialist expertise you need in your field and the ability to find reasonable solutions. The solutions we develop do work in practice and are in line with the demands and expectations of customers, authorities, and society.

Proactima logo

For more information about the company, please visit their website:

Individual members

Representing the following companies.

  • R. STAHL Tranberg
  • Energy Innovation